Easiest Way To Make Your Own Homemade Sanitizer procedure

Homemade Sanitizer

Today, as every nation around the world combats the worldwide pandemic of 2020- Covid-19. It is necessary for us as the future citizens of a country to self-isolate and maintain hygiene. The WHO ( world health organization) has declared Covid-19 as a pandemic and a worldwide emergency.

However, some simple precautions you can take to safeguard your family and contribute a little towards saving the world are :

  •  Wash your hands at alternate intervals for 20 seconds. Maintain hygiene especially if you’re traveling and leave your house often.
  • Use a mask as the disease is declared airborne by WHO in the latest update. It is spread by direct contact and is highly contagious.
  • Self – isolation is the best way to keep the virus away. This way neither will you neither come in contact with the unnamed carriers of the virus nor spread it further. Practice strict self-isolation.
  • Stay quarantined for at least 14 days if you have a very recent travel history or have frequently traveled during the outbreak.

Now, you might have observed how the world is running out of sanitizers and many supermarkets are under the nationwide lockdowns.

Here are simple steps to make your own Homemade Sanitizer procedure with only 3 ingredients:

Requirements: 2-3 cups of Isopropyl alcohol (95-99% alcohol) or 70% alcohol, ½ cup Aloe Vera gel and 8-10 drops of essential oils like Tea tree oil or lavender oil.

Homemade Sanitizer procedure:

Mix the above-mentioned ingredients thoroughly with a spoon. Store the gel in a bottle of your choice and use it whenever you need it.

The Aloe Vera gel is used to prevent your skin from drying and the essential oils are used as they have several anti-microbial properties apart from fragrance.

Hand sanitizers should preferably be used only when there is an absence of water or soap. According to the doctors, hand washing should be given priority over hand sanitizers. Therefore, it is important to wash your hands often.

Now that you finally have an opportunity to save the world, stay at home and have the liberty of calling yourself a hero for not spreading the disease any further. Self-isolation is your superpower, utilize it and call yourself the survivor of a dreaded pandemic in the near future!

Stay safe and stay quarantine!

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