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Apple’s ‘First Foldable Iphone’ May Have This Samsung Component

Apple’s ‘First Foldable Iphone’ May Have This Samsung Component (1)

Apple’s ‘First Foldable Iphone’ May Have This Samsung Component: As we know that iphone is a very famous mobile brand which is sold in a huge quantity. Most of the people go for an iphone if they want to buy any mobile for them. All of us like the iphone a lot and every year one or two models of iphone launches which have many series like iphone 12 with iphone pro, iphone pro max etc.

According to reports, Apple will launch their foldable iphone by September 2022 for everyone. This report is confirmed by Hon Hai. He is one of the main suppliers of iphone. This phone will be the first foldable iphone launched by Apple.

This new iphone will contain micro LED panels in it which is amazing and most important thing is that Apple is using the components of Samsung in their foldable iphone. They are fully relying on Samsung company for their foldable display panel.

According to some reports, Apple is testing different components for their foldable iphone in order to test it. They are testing the screen and other important components to check it out but still Samsung is going to provide them with a foldable display.

Another interesting thing about this new iphone is that it will be having a special type of mechanism which will be very different from others and this is confirmed by other main supplier of iphone i.e. Nippon. This feature will make this iphone very amazing and famous.

If you don’t know, in March 2020 Trademark office and US patent awarded a new patent to Apple and this definitely shows and suggests that this company i.e. Apple will now launch their first foldable phone.

According to them, this iphone will consist of a sensor. It means that when the iphone is folded it will automatically be turned off or will put the screen on standby mode which is an amazing feature.

So, wait for this amazing device.

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