New Iphone Won’t Come with Headphone Or a Charging Box Anymore


We know that iPhones are the most costly, renowned, and famous mobile phones in the market. Before, when we buy an iPhone, we get a pair of headphones or a charging box with it.

But now Apple will no longer include a pair of wired headphones or a power adapter with new iPhones. The company announced Tuesday as it Launched the iPhone 12, in an effort to cut down on packaging and reduce emissions.

From now, iPhone 12 and future launched iPhones will only come with a USB-C to Lightning cable for charging.

You’ll have to buy a USB-C charging brick separately if you want to use the cable in the box, otherwise, you can also charge your phone with any old iPhone charger with a Lightning connector.

Apple says that they will use fewer raw materials and thinner packaging so that Apple uses to put 70% more units on a single shipping pallet to reduce carbon emissions.

It also says that the move is part of the company’s effort to become 100% carbon neutral by 2030.

If you don’t have ear pods or headphones for iPhone, then you have to buy that which costs $19.

Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president suggested Tuesday that many customers already have Apple’s wired headphones and charging bricks, saying 700 million Earpods and 2 billion power adapters have already been sold.

Some criticized Apple for using the environment only to increase margins and lower shipping costs, especially because Apple isn’t also lowering prices.

CNET noted that the move may be a way to offset the costs of including ultrawide 5G support, which usually pushes up phone prices even higher. But many Apple was blamed for forcing customers to buy yet another accessory.

“Apple has found yet another way to force you to buy an expensive dongle/adapter for its expensive gadgets in order to make said gadgets work,” Jason Koebler of Vice wrote. It is very wrong. It is the duty and responsibility of Apple to provide all the accessories with the mobile phone itself.

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