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7 Tips for Hair Loss Prevention – Stop Balding

An average healthy Male loses 100 to 200 hairs every day which is perfectly normal. However any hair loss exceeding this must may be regarded as a warning sign of Male Pattern Baldness or ‘Androgenic Alopecia‘. It always helps to identify and deal with the problem at an early stage as to prevent balding.

Many hair loss causes are treatable, however sometimes medically induced hair loss as the result of treatments such as chemotherapy may not be reversed. As with anything, hair loss prevention is better than a cure. Let’s look at some precautionary measures that we can take to prevent and stop balding!

Hair Loss Prevention Tips:

Tip 1 :Observation Investigate any hair thinning at the earliest stage possible. This is very important, as the earlier you identify any hair loss problems, the better.  Remember, there is tremendous research taking place in hair loss prevention, so the quicker you take action, the quicker you will prevent balding.

As soon as you identify thinning hair, you can move onto choosing the correct hair loss treatment to help stop balding completely. Remember, don’t just take a stab in the dark, and consult a dermatologist or your doctor if you are in any doubt about what treatment to chose.

Tip 2: Remember it makes perfect sense that a healthy body promotes healthy hair. A nutrient rich diet, a clean body and scalp and adequate exercise, especially exercises such as Yoga, will do wonders for your health, as good blood circulation results in healthy hair.

Tip 3: Choose your shampoo carefully and don’t shampoo every day. Some shampoos contain large amounts of surfactants (a lathering agent) can damage your hair.

Avoid using hair dryers, or only use them on low heat. Hair dryers cause breakage of the hair shaft and split ends, (but they do not cause the hair to fall out at the root). However hair breakage can also make your hair appear thinner and unhealthy.

Tip 4: Stress and anxiety can also be a catalyst for ‘bald spots’! So try to stay in high spirits by do things you love, go for a walk on the beach, go out with friends on weekends, meditate, and watch the family guy! Do anything you can to have a laugh, enjoy life and easy any tension.

Tip 5: Try lightly massaging hair whenever you get the chance, using nourishing oils such as Jojoba. This is great way to keep your hair healthy and help to stop balding.

Tip 6: If you find you are losing hair at a rapid rate, try not to panic. Don’t cause yourself any more stress than is necessary. Visit your doctor or dermatologist immediately, so you can start on a suitable treatment as soon as possible.

If you have already consulted and dermatologist or doctor and already started a treatment, remember to be patient and keep in mind that some hair loss programs can take 3 to 6 months of dedicated and persistent usage before showing desirable effects.

Tip 7: Avoid surgical procedures and transplants; these should only be left as a last resort. In the mean time you may like to try hair loss solution such as Organic which conceals bald spots immediately.

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