Visible Hair Growth in Just 3 Days Naturally

Visible Hair Growth in Just 3 Days Naturally
We all have some time in our lives worried about excessive hair fall. If not baldness, excessive hair falls too has the same effects in the future as the thinning of hair leaves your scalp looking bald and ugly. Though there are a lot of over the counter medicines and lotions available to treat hair fall, not all work well.
Many have also major side effects and thus, cannot be used extensively. There are many DIY ideas too, many works and many do not. But here we present you with an effective remedy and treatment and Tips for Hair Growth in 3 weeks
tips for Hair Growth in 3 weeks
 1. 1 onion
2. 1 small ginger
3. 10 curry leaves
4. 2 spoons rose water
5. 5 basil leaves
1. In a blender, blend all the ingredients
2. Take a bowl, and cover it with a muslin cloth
3. Transfer the mixture from the blender on the muslin cloth,  and squeeze the cloth as much as possible.
4. Now, the mixture is ready in the bowl.
5. Transfer this in a spray bottle
6. Spray it on the scalp thoroughly and massage vigorously
7. Keep it on for 10 minutes, and wash off in the usual manner.
How does this help? 
The main ingredient of this is onion, which helps in the growth of hair, where the growth is less, as it activates the follicles that help in hair growth.
Ginger helps in maintaining the health of the hair.
Basil leaves and curry leaves give hair strength.
Rosewater makes the hair soft and shiny.
So, all the effectiveness and goodness of all the ingredients combined, work wonders for your hair. And there is visible hair growth in just 3 days naturally.

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