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12 Amazing Benefits of Eating Dates In Your Daily Routine

Eating Dates

Dates are consumed by Islam practitioners all over the world. Dates are eaten at the time of breaking the fast during the month long fasting period of Ramadan.

And dates are diet staple for people in the Middle East, Africa and some parts of Asia. Dates are used in various dishes in Asia and Africa.

They are obtained from palm trees mainly found in the desert region.

These dates which come under the category of dry fruits have numerous health benefits. Having said that they are also quite affordable.

The dates come in varied types and flavours further giving you many options.

1. Dates are high in nutrition.

Dates are packed with many vitamins and fibres which give strength to the body.

When a person is low on energy having three to four dates can give him/her strength.

Having three dates every morning will bring a drastic change to your health and boost your immunity.

The boost in immunity can prevent diseases, and ward off infections. And these dates if put in food preparation can give added benefits.

Also if a person has low blood levels or is feeling dizzy and weak, Dates can help to gain their stamina back.

2. Natural sugar

Dates contain natural sugar content which is actually quite healthy and adds a dash of sweetness to any dish without the risk of high sugar levels.

These dates are used in baked goods, chocolates, deserts and many other dishes for added flavour and sugar content.

3. Clear bowel movements

Dates help in the digestion of food; they have antioxidants which aids in the process of food breakdown making the digestion easier.

A couple of dates can give you clear bowel movements if taken regularly for a period of time.

4. Good for hair and skin

Almost everyone faces the problem of hair fall. The solution given by most of the doctors are to have a nutrient rich diet.

If you every morning have dates and almonds, then you will see a significant drop in hair fall.

Dates are good for the skin as well. They supplement the face cells with needed vitamins. Bid goodbye to skin and hair problems after eating dates.

5. Sharper memory

We all want a clear memory right? We all want to remember the tiniest details.

Dates also help in the circulation of blood and aids in improving memory.

Dates can make your memory sharp which in turn results in you having a huge vocabulary, remembering street names, and numerous books.

It lowers significantly the risk of memory loss. So students this is a pro tip to use for studying for tests.

6. Promotes natural labour

Scientifically proven dates given to pregnant and new mothers improves their
overall health.

A woman eating dates has more chances of undergoing natural

Unseeded Dates are also given to toddlers as they provide them with the antioxidants needed to fight infections and diseases.

The balanced diet which is needed for a new mother and her child is constituted of dates.

These dates having high calories give the essential amount required.

7. Prevents cancer

These dates as stated earlier have a lot of health benefits can also prevent variety of cancers due to their anti-biotic components.

Having date in your diet as a staple can diminish the risk of cancer.

Breast cancer, kidney cancer, stomach cancer are some of the cancers which can be prevented by eating dates.

8. Fights diabetes

The beneficial dates can also fight diabetes, it being a natural sugar component adds sweetness to the dish as well as helps to fight diabetes.

A person with diabetes is generally advised to have dates as it satisfies their cravings for sugar as well as gives them the antioxidants to fight this particular disease.

Instead of using artificial sugar, dates are added to sweeten deserts, fudges, cakes, chocolates which can therefore be consumed by diabetic patient without worrying about increasing sugar levels.

9. Protects kidneys

Since the dates ensure a clear bowel movement, they help the kidney with their process and protect these kidneys.

Dates can prevent kidney stones in humans. They aid in the bowel movements hence reducing the pressure on kidneys and ensuring a smooth process

10. Healthy bones

Dates given the vitamins and fibres they contain promotes good bone health.

Your bones become stronger and are less likely to get hurt because of consistent eating of dates.

Strong bones also lead to you being better at sports. Dates can basically make you a strong athlete.

Many foods which are considered to be healthy for bones contain date as a component.

11. Brain health

Along with strong memory, dates also clear your brain. The fogginess and
forgetfulness decreases and your brain is in a healthier condition.

Eating dates prevents brain cancer, additionally it ensures blood circulation to the brain.

The dates further prevent diseases like dementia and Alzheimer. Dates keep your brain healthy and young.

12. Improved blood circulation

Consumption of dates ensures you develop the blood cells needed for your body to function.

And since it ensures circulation of blood from the heart to all parts of the body it also assists the heart in the blood circulation process.

For a person to be healthy and not feel nauseous they need to have the required blood in their body.

After loss of blood due to any accident dates can increase the formation of blood cells. Dates also help to keep the blood pressure in check.

Along with these benefits, eating dates can improve your nervous system, it can lower depression and anxiety, dates can also significantly improve your mood, control weight, improve skin texture, lower levels of hunger.

When hungry, opt for a healthy snack by grabbing dates and eating them for stamina and the sweet taste.

Dates are frequently used with almond in protein bars and chocolates to give
strength and energy.

So let dates be your constant part of diet and see the drastic changes in your body, mental health and mood.

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