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9 Beautiful Fishtail Braid Hairstyle Ideas 2023

Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Fishtail braid hairstyle one of the most modest but Complex looking hairdos. It is the hairstyle that involves weaving strands of hair together.

The difference between a French braid and a Fishtail braid is that in a French braid we divide hair into 3 sections whereas in a fishtail we divide it into only 2 sections Fishtail braids can entirely change your look.

There are plentiful ways in which you can try a fishtail braid hairstyle. So, this summer you level up your looks by trying these 9 fishtail braid hairstyle ideas for 2023.

9 Beautiful Fishtail Braid Hairstyle Ideas 2023


Tight Fishtail Braid - GetInfopedia

Image Source: Pinterest

A tight fishtail is a basic braid. It looks effortless to make and is moreover easy to handle, as the hairs are locked away from the face.

For getting this look you need to divide the hair into two sections and then taking a section of one part to another and continuing till the end of the hair.

It is suitable for people with long, round, heart or diamond face shape. It is a perfect hairdo for a summer day and suits young kids as well as teenagers.


Messy Fishtail Braid -

Image Source: Pinterest

Messy fishtail braid appears to be an advanced level of the normal fishtail braid.

For achieving this look, you need to gently pull to loosen the braid from bottom to top. This hairdo is perfect for adding more layer to your face.

It can be used as an everyday casual look or any get-together or informal meeting.

It also gives you a beachy feel hence is also suitable for vacation or beach days.


Sideway Fishtail Braid -

Image Source: Pinterest

For achieving this sideways fishtail braid hairstyle, instead of braiding from the center of head do a side part and then start braiding.

This way you would achieve a braid ending on your shoulder. You can try it in both ways i.e., tight or messy. It also gives a summer vibe thus can be a good choice during vacations.

This could be good choice for people with square shape face as it can be used to cut down the symmetry of their face.

This hairstyle is best for occasions like Office, gatherings or formal meetings.


Double Fishtail Braid - GetInfopedia

Image Source: Pinterest

For getting a double fishtail braid first we required to do a centre parting and divide hair into two equal sections.

The second step is to then braid both sides separately into simple fishtail braids. This look is functional for sports players and is easy to handle.

For adding a variation to it you can braid till the end of your hair and then form two ponytails. It is a look suitable for girls and teenagers.

Also, it is a good option for sports player who doesn’t want their hair to hinder their game.


Half up Fishtail Braid -

Image Source: Pinterest

For a Half-Up Fishtail Braid hairstyle look, you need to do a half updo and tie hair in a ponytail.

Now braid the pony into a fishtail and let the rest of the hair stay open. It can be suitable for parties or hanging out with friends.

This type of look can be achieved in both short as well as long hair.

It is an elegant look with can add more colors to your look by adding a scarf or colored scrunchy while making a ponytail.


Fishtail Braid with Highlight -

Image Source: Pinterest

Having highlights in the hair and then making a fishtail braid hairstyle can transform your look into something unique.

As having bright highlights in hair is a trend in 2021 this hairstyle could be a statement for you.

Having highlights give depth and pop-up colors to your gape. It gives summer and spring vibes and can be a look suitable for parties.


Half Up Half Down Fishtail Bun -

Image Source: Pinterest

Messy buns are a trendy look for this year, so having this half up half down fishtail bun can level up your game.

The first step for this hairstyle is to make a Dutch fishtail braid of the front center section of hair and did it till the end of the hair.

The next step is to pull off the braid and lose it up into a messy bun from it.

This hairdo is easy to make no matter what your hair length or color is. this gives an edgy style to your look and is suitable for college and get-togethers.


Bow Fishtail Pony -

Image Source: Pinterest

This is perfect for those who have straight hair. By adding a bow to your fishtail braid, it can add a cute touch to your look.

To get a bow you need to separate a section of hair from both sides and make a braid out of the rest of the hair.

And later form a bow over out of separated hair and the look is completed. It is suitable for all ages especially young girls. And goes with all type of occasions.


Fishtail Pony -

Image Source: Pinterest

Ponytail is an all-time favorite for every girl, for giving a unique touch to them they can try for a fishtail pony.

In which the first step is to make a regular fishtail braid starting with taking hair from the bangs till the ear and braiding it till the end. Now making a high pony from the rest of the hair.

And in last rolling the braid on the ponytail. It is a very graceful style that can make a statement at any function.



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