10 Ways To Get Up Early In The Morning

10 Ways To Get Up Early In The Morning

You may have read many studies which says that those who wake up earlier are more successful. You may even have set the goals also to wake up early morning so that you can get extra hours to work. But it often happens that you decide to wake up early but fail to do so due to your habit of waking up late.

Here are 10 ways which will definitely help you to get up early in the morning:
  1. SET AN ALARM: The advice with the alarm is to keep it far away and immediately jump out of bed when it goes off. Always keep your alarm clock far away from you so that you have to wake up to off it. The first one should be within arm’s reach and the second one should be away from your bed. In this way, you can give your body some time to gently awaken and you can spend some time in bed doing something you love like reading your favorite novel, writing in your journal or doing affirmations etc.
  2. HAVE A STRONG REASON: You should have a very strong reason to wake up early and to spend your morning. Planning it in advance is also very important. If you come up with a genuine and important reason then at that time your mind will automatically let you to wake up from your bed. Before you start waking up early, come up with a great plan and a reason.
  3. TAKE A COLD SHOWER: Warm water can make you sleepier. So, always take a cold shower after you wake up. One tip that can help you wake up is use cold water first for 30 seconds and then go for hot water.
  4. START WITH A WORKOUT: Whether you take a run, go to the gym, or just do some jumping jacks in your bedroom, a workout is the very important you should do. Always start your day with a workout.
  5. EAT A HEALTHY BREAKFAST: Coffee is not the only drink you should drink to be alert. Oatmeal, leafy green, and even water will help you to feel more alert. Also, apples are known by”nature’s caffeine.” They actually have no caffeine but the fibre and natural sugar that can help you to wake up early.
  6. GO TO BED EARLIER: If you want to wake up early in the morning, you will need to get plenty of sleep. That means going to bed early. Avoid using phone and laptop in the evening and move to your bed so that you can easily sleep 8 hours a day.
  7. KEEP THE SAME SCHEDULE ON WEEKEND: People usually wake up early in working days but fail to do so on Saturdays and Sundays. This actually disrupts your body’s natural rhythms, which can possibly put your health at risk. For best results, you should wake-up on the same time on weekends also.
  8. JUST SAY NO TO THE SNOOZE BUTTON: You may think the snooze button gives you a few extra minutes to sleep more but it actually causes more harm to you. You should force yourself to wake up on the first alarm.
  9. LISTEN TO MUSIC: Science has proven that music has a direct impact on the body. Feel free to put in your ear buds and blast your favorite music.
  10. MOTIVATE YOURSELF BY CHASING SMALL WINS: Waking up at 5 a.m. gives you a lot of extra quiet hours to get things done. Instead of relying on logic and setting a goal of waking up two hours earlier, try half an hour earlier. When you reach that goal, then it means you win. You can re-visit your wake-up time after you’ve met your first goal, but you must walk before you can run.

So, if you follow all these ways then you will definitely succeed in waking up early in the morning.

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