4 Reasons Why Your Breastfed Baby Is Spitting Up

Breastfed Baby Is Spitting Up

Sometimes it happens that when you start breastfeeding your breastfed baby starts spitting it up. This happens in the case of most of the women.

In the beginning, you will feel it is very common but if it continues for a long time then it is very important for every mother to know it’s reason.

Here are some of the reasons that why your breastfed baby is spitting up:

  1. BABY HAS A SMALL TUMMY: If your baby is spitting up then maybe he/she has a small tummy. Due to a small tummy, the baby cannot hold so much milk in his/her tummy. That’s why when a baby consumes a huge amount of milk than he/she needs, he/she spits it up.
  2. BABY GETTING TOO MUCH MILK TOO FAST: When a baby consumes too much milk in very less time then he/she starts spitting it up. Generally, it happens that in early days mother’s breasts are full of milk so it automatically comes out and your baby consumes a lot of milk too fast. So, you should be careful and attentive that your baby cannot get too much milk too fast.
  3. FOOD SENSITIVITIES: It is the most common of a baby to spit up the milk. Cow’s milk is very harmful for a breastfed mother. If a mother consumes cow’s milk in her diet then the chances of baby spitting up the milk are very high. Mother should be careful towards her diet and should consume a healthy and balanced diet.
  4. BABIES WITH GERD CAN SPIT UP A LOT: Gerd is a type of disease and babies who are suffering from gerd have a family history of gerd. It causes various health problems. The babies who are suffering from it spit or vomit a lot frequently. He/she may also have breath problems. They also feel very uncomfortable. It is very important to treat this problem as this can be harmful or dangerous for the baby.

The above are the 4 reasons that why breastfed babies spit up.

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