Things To Know If You Are Affected With Migraine

Things To Know If You Are Affected With Migraine

Migraine is a condition that can cause multiple symptoms. Migraine can affect all the ages in the families. Migraine can also begin in childhood. Women are mostly affected with migraine as compared to men.

It’s symptoms includes: vomiting, sensitivity, difficulty in speaking, nausea, depression and irritability.

People who are suffering from migraine feel like a steady ache and severely dull. They describe migraine as pounding, throbbing and pulsating.

Migraine pain usually affects the one side of your forehead.

Migraine can also lead to stroke, tumors and abnormal brain structures that’s why doctors perform some physical scanning like CT scan or MRI to get to know the other causes of migraine.

Migraine treatment depends on many factors like: your age, the type of migraine you are suffering from, how severe they are etc. You should treat migraine as soon as possible through your treatment plans.

Treatment plans include: prescription by the doctor, hormone therapy, alternative care etc.

Self-care is most important to treat migraine. It also includes stress management. You should take your medications daily which are prescribed by your doctor.

You can also try some remedies at your home to treat your migraine like: Lie down on a bed and massage your scalp. Also place a cold cloth on your forehead or on your neck wherever you feel pain.

There are different types of migraine:

Migration with aura: It is the early stage of migraine. It may occur before or during migraine.

Migration without aura: 70-90% cases occur without aura.

If you feel loss of your sensation, visual disturbances and difficulty in speaking then it is very important to go to your doctor as it will be dangerous for you.

There are various migraine triggers like drinks, stress, physical factors, hormonal changes in women and weather changes also.

It is very important to know that taking combination painkillers for more than 10 days can be dangerous for your health. Do not take medications without your doctor prescriptions and also do not take combined painkillers as they will definitely be harmful for you rather than let you free from your pain.

You should know that sometimes the symptoms of your migraine can cause you other diseases. If you are feeling headache for more than 2-3 days then it is very important to take an appointment with your doctor.

So, these are some of the things that you should know if you are affected from migraine.

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