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Best 10 Skin Care Secrets You’ve Probably Never Heard Before


There is already so much going on. With so many trends and advancements, one thing that remains unchanged is our quest for beauty. Best 10 Skin Care Secrets We may agree on it or not, but all of us have some of the other time felt that we must look beautiful. By beautiful, we are not only emphasizing outer beauty but, inner beauty too. There have been so many products that have changed the beauty game altogether, but there are many other things that you might not know much about. here are 10 Skin Care Secrets You’ve Probably Never Heard Before.

1.Egg yolks as a Face mask

You might be wondering about which serum/ cream to use for increasing the quality of your skin. But, you will be amazed to learn that the egg yolk works just fine in that area.  Beat an egg yolk, and apply it evenly on your face like a mask, wait till it dries and wash off. it is rich in lipids and cholesterol that improve your skin elasticity.

2.Rosewater as a moisturizer

Rosewater is inexpensive yet most widely used ingredient in a skincare regimen. All thanks to its soothing properties, rose water has been one of the go-to ingredients when it comes to skincare. Just apply it as a moisturizer and you will be amazed by its effects in a very short span of time.

3.Get some Vitamin D

Not all UV rays are bad. Your skin needs a regular dose of Vitamin D in small quantities. This avoids the accumulation of bacteria and helps skin remain free from any kind of infection. Exposing your skin to the sun before the application of sunscreen will help it in more ways than one.

4.Using Ice cubes to reduce puffiness

Icecubes have come as a blessing for puffiness and fatigue of the skin. it’s anti-inflammatory properties help your skin to soothe and have relief from sunburns or tan too. jus wrap a small ice cube in plastic wrap, and apply it all over the face, Wipe it off with soft face towel later.

5.One cream, two uses

If you have been thinking that eye creams can only be used around eyes, then you are absolutely wrong. You can also use it around the lips, to get that fluffiness of the pout and reduce the fine lines.

6.Some DIY exfoliating scrub

Scrubs have always been prefered, and if the scrub is as easy as a DIY scrub, then you may want to try it often. For this, use 1 whole lime juice, coffee grinds Mix them roughly and scrub your face with this. The lime reduces hyperpigmentation and coffee grinds have lightening and brightening properties.

7.A daily ritual

Some things can be done daily. these require least efforts but yearn great results. A daily ritual that many follow is using Epsom salt in the bathtub. This acts as a natural cleanser and exfoliator thereby giving the skin that much needed glow.

8.Use sheet masks

Your skin needs hydration just as much as your body does. The purpose of sheet masks is solely to provide hydration to dehydrated skin. Put it on overnight or apply it for longer hours during the day. All you will feel eventually is luminous skin.

9.Do Not use body soap on the face

Body soap is meant only for neck and below, it is quite harsh on the face and can disturb your skin cells. You can use cleanser, facewash etc that re exclusively meant for your face.

10.Do not follow ‘One size fits all’

This phenomenon doesn’t work in case of beauty or skincare. As it is always better to know your skin type and have a suitable regimen accordingly, rather than following blindly what everyone else is doing. as your skin is unique and what works for someone else might not necessarily work for you. Ascertain your skin type, and act accordingly.

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