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Get Revitalized with Natural Vitamins and Minerals

Natural Vitamins and Minerals

Natural Vitamins and Minerals – Some natural vitamins and minerals are essential to keep the body healthy and fit. The vitamins and minerals sold in bottles and packaging today can be naturally synthesized within our body and are therefore naturally occurring. There are so many different vitamins and minerals that each play a specific role tailored toward various areas of the body. Almost always, health changes and disorders can be directly correlated to a vitamin deficiency and are telltale signs of which vitamins are missing.

A well-balanced diet ensures that your body stays healthy. But since everybody is tailored differently, one person and may lack certain vitamins and minerals more than others. Furthermore, it’s very difficult to consume the appropriate amounts of vitamins and minerals in today’s overly processed and chemical pumped foods. Simply scan the menus at your favorite restaurants and eateries and you won’t be surprised to find that you’re not obtaining many of these essential vitamins.

The following vitamins and minerals are considered the building blocks to a healthy body:

Vitamin C: Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is extremely high in antioxidant properties. It can be found in many fruits and even some vegetables including tomatoes and broccoli. Common fruits you can find it in include: strawberries, oranges, and kiwis. It is most known for its ability to help the body fight off infection.

When you’re sick, you’ll commonly hear your parents barging in your room forcing orange juice on you! This is due to the high vitamin C quantities in the natural drink. This vitamin is also used in synthesizing many of your body’s structures on a molecular level which includes neurotransmitters and carnitine. Carnitine is used for fat metabolizing. It also helps mend larger structures within the body such as collagen, tendons, and bone.

Potassium: Potassium is an essential mineral that our body requires. It is synthesized in every one of our cells within the human body. It is easy to understand now how essential it is to optimal functioning. As a mineral, it also plays an important role in being an electrolyte. Electrolytes produce electricity within each one of our cells.

Think of this as a way to power-boost and charge-up the cells. Through these electrical processes, which are enabled by minerals like potassium, your body’s smooth muscles such as the heart are able to contract and do what they’re meant to do! Many foods contain potassium. It can be found in a variety of fruits and vegetables like bananas. Through ingesting this mineral, your body is better able to monitor and balance its proper blood pressure.

Calcium: Calcium is another mineral that we need in adequate quantities. Your bones and teeth contain 99% of it. It also plays an important role in muscle, heart, and nerve health. Calcium can commonly be found in many dairy products such as milk and yogurt.

Many drinks add calcium to it to enhance nutritional quality such as orange juice. These can be found on the shelves of most large chain grocery stores. But many are surprised to find that calcium can also be found in leafy vegetables, fish, and nuts too!

It is important to understand that the body needs an adequate about of vitamins K and D to absorb the calcium. So without the other two, it is pointless to take a calcium supplement for the most optimal outcomes. Without calcium in your diet, many osteopathic disorders can occur such as brittle bones and fractures.

Many times, you won’t be able to consume as much as you need through your day-to-day diet. It’s fortunate that in this day and age, there are vitamin and mineral supplements for every kind known to be in existence. Be sure to incorporate all of your vitamin and mineral groups in your daily diet for a healthier you.

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