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Where And How To Apply A Highlighter For Gorgeous Glow?


Makeup has been the favorite part of the women’s beauty regime for ages. There are many products in a women’s makeup kit which can actually light up her mood within no seconds. If we look at the various products in a makeup box, highlighter is one of the favorite choices of every woman to get a gorgeous glow on their faces.

From making your nose slimmer to highlighting your superior facial features and making your face glow, highlighter has it all sorted.

It is known to illuminate your magnificent facial features by making them look brighter. Using a highlighter can provide a touch of magic to your matte foundation look by illuminating its finish.

Just a few swipes of your favorite highlighter leaves you with a radiant skin, which nobody can look away from.

However, just like the foundation, highlighters are also presented in different shades and textures. All highlighters cannot suit your skin tone, and thus you need to be very particular about the highlighter you choose for your skin.

If you go ahead with a lighter shade it may make you look a tone darker from your usual complexion, and if you go for a darker shade you might actually look like a donut which has been frosted with a little icing.

The purpose of the highlighter is to make you look fresh as the dew and not shiny shimmery paper.

We have one more issue to ponder about, and that is, when it is not applied on the correct facial features, your glam makeup look might be spoiled, no matter how gorgeous you look in those smoky eyes, a distasteful highlight on your face can make you look dull in no time.

So it is very important to know the perfect way of applying it to the perfect regions of your face.

If you are worried about the second issue, then we are here to help you with the ways to apply it correctly and on the perfect features. Here are the 5 essential tips which you need to know, for a glowing gorgeous look.

1. Cheeks

When we think of applying the highlighter, the first thing that comes in our mind is the cheekbones.

Cheekbones are the most fascinating facial feature which every woman is proud of having.

If you wish to define your cheekbone perfectly, try going ahead with applying the bronzer below and the highlighter above it.

But to save a little time for your important meeting you can just use a blushing brush and sweep a perfect layer of highlighter from your temple area to the middle of your cheekbone

2. Nose

If you apply the highlighter correctly, you can actually make your nose look much slimmer.

For the perfect sweep of highlighter, use your ring finger to place a dot on the middle bulb of your nose.

Now you just need to blend it perfectly on the bridge. With a small quantity of highlighter, you can have the perfect highlighted nose.

3. Lips

Who doesn’t lover fuller-looking lips? I love it. Why go for the injections when you can get fuller lips by dabbing highlighter on your cupid’s bow? Use your fingers to get the natural look of fuller lips.

4. Eyes

The most important part of makeup includes eye makeup. Get those perfect eyes by using a highlighter pen or even the powder one will do if you don’t have the highlighter pen. All you need to do is take care of the two key spots, the inner corner of your eyes and obviously the brow bone.

After you have completed your eye makeup, highlighter should be used to give that final magic touch.

You can use your finger or an eye shadow brush for getting that perfect look.
Sweep a layer of highlighter form the middle to outer brow bone, as this will give you a natural look.

For the corner of the eyes, just a hint of highlighter is enough.

5. Forehead and chin

For the best result, use the same trick of applying highlighter on the forehead as well as the chin.

Take a small amount of highlighter and brush it straight down the middle of the forehead.

Try having the same line of symmetry on the chin as well.

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