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How To Use Banana Face Mask For Glowing Skin

Banana Face Mask

Ever wondered about using the homemade remedies to make your face glowingly clear rather than using those chemicals based creams? Well, we are here to let you ponder over those items kept on your kitchen slabs and give you ideas to use them effectively and Banana Face Mask is one among them.

Banana has its own benefits when it comes to treating several ailments like deficiency of iron, constipation. Etc. But do you know how beneficial it is to use the banana in treating your skin ailments?

The banana face mask is one such important home remedy that is getting immensely popular with the ladies these days.

The banana face mask is one such mask that can be easily made at home by investing a really little time. It is cost-efficient as it doesn’t include much marketing of products.

The skin creams which you actually use to treat your various skin ailments like acne, pimple, and dullness. Etc. will definitely lose in front of this mask if we organize a competition between them.

Banana is considered to be a bank of nutrients like potassium, iron, folates, and Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is considered to be one of the best friends of skin, as it is useful in treating many skin ailments like dark pigmentation, blemishes, and the dark spots which are often seen annoying the ladies these days.

Applying the banana face mask will bring you many benefits in one shot.

These three benefits include:

  • It removes dark spots from your face.
  • Removing the blemishes from your face
  • It makes your skin glow and also treats acne.
  • It will leave you with soft and clear skin.
  • Beneficial in removing the wrinkles from your face and treating ailments like skin pigmentation.

Since now we are equally aware of the benefits of banana on our health and about the benefits of banana face mask on our face, let us begin with the making of one of the most impressive masks, banana facial mask.

How to make a banana face mask?

Before we start making a mask it is really important for us to collect all those ingredients that we require to go ahead with the process.


We need a fresh banana’s peel

To make our mask more beneficial we need two spoons of sandalwood powder which is easily available in the market

Lemon is known to be a really good remedy for treating acne, pimples. Etc. so now we will also include lemon in our mask to increase its beneficial values

The last ingredient for our mask is yogurt. We just need two teaspoons of yogurt.


1. Take a new spotless banana strip and cut them into little pieces and crush them with the assistance of a blender to make a paste.
2. To the banana, strip includes 2 teaspoons of sandalwood powder and blend well.
3. At that point include 2 teaspoons of yogurt and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and blend it well till a smooth paste is shaped.
Add rosewater to the paste on the off chance that it is excessively thick.
4. Apply this banana strip veil to your face and leave for 30 minutes.
5. Wash it off with cold water and TOWEL DRY.

And we will go ahead with a banana face mask for getting glowing skin:

Before we start making our masks, it is really important for us to collect all the ingredients required to go ahead with the remedy.


You just need a fresh banana’s peel

Rosewater spray

How to use the mask?

It is very important to clean your face before applying our magical banana face pack, so first, you need to clean your skin.

And, it’s time to use our fresh banana peel. Just spray some rose water on our fresh peel.

Now the easiest step which will make your skin glow, just massage your face with this fresh peel of banana in circular motions for a few minutes. Apply this banana face mask on your nose, head, forehead, and neck.

Leave it for 20 minutes then wash your face with cold water.

Pat dry your face and witness the glow on your face which you had always wished for. It will not only leave your face glowing but will also make it soft and clearer.

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