Top 10 Foods That Are High in Vitamin B12

Top 10 Foods That Are High in Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is an essential micronutrient for humans. It is important for brain and nerve functions, producing red blood cells and DNA synthesis. It also prevents megaloblastic anemia and thus, maintains healthy blood in the body.

The deficiency of vitamine B12 leads to nerve dysfunction, confusion, depression, numbness, etc. It is, therefore, essential that there should be an adequate amount of vitamine B12 in the body.

According to studies, an average human adult requires 2.4 mcg of vitamin B12 per day. You can take vitamin supplements but it is generally advised that you should instead eat food food with Vitamine B12 rich foods are.

Here are 10 products food with Vitamin B12:


According to the USDA, National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, shellfish including oysters, mollusks and clams contain high amounts of vitamin B12. 3 ounces of clam contain 84.06 micrograms of it, which is almost 35 times more than the 2.4 dietary allowances or RDA. Shellfish are also high in proteins, iron, and antioxidants. Food products made from shellfish are also rich in it.


The liver from beef, lamb, pork, and chicken are found to be very high in it as well as in proteins, iron, vitamine B2 and minerals like selenium. Besides liver, organ meats such as kidneys including cooked lamb kidney contain high quantities of vitamine B12.


Small fish such as sardines, salmon, tuna, herring, trout and mackerel are vitamin B12-rich foods. Oily fish among these such as mackerel and salmon are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins B2, B6 and K. They also contain iron, calcium, potassium and zinc. It has been noted that wild caught fish are better sources of vitamine B12 than their farmed counterparts.

4.Crabs and other crustaceans:

Crabs, shrimps, lobsters, crayfish are crustaceans that are rich sources of vitamine B12. If you eat crabs regularly, they contain high amounts of sodium too. Crustaceans are also rich in cholesterol, fat, vitamin A and C as well as iron, calcium and zinc.

5.Red Meat:

Red meat such as beef and lamb are excellent sources of vitamin B12 as well as vitamin B3, B6, proteins and fats. It also provides significant amounts of iron and other minerals like selenium. Pasture-raised meat is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids which provide anti-inflammatory support to the body.


Chicken, duck, goose and quail eggs are rich sources of vitamin B12. Most of the vitamin B12 in eggs is found in the yolk. Eggs also provide choline essential for proper liver functioning, as well as contain vitamins B12, B6, D, E and K. it also has antoxidants like carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin.


Chicken, turkey and other poultry meats are excellent alternatives to red meats for protein and other nutrients. Poultry is white meat and contains significant amounts of vitamin B12, besides vitamins A, C, B6, niacin and pantothenic acid. A 3 ounce serving of roasted chicken breast contains 0.31 micrograms of vitamin B12. Turkey has a similar amount of cobalamin.

8.Milk and milk products:

One cup of unfortified, whole or skimmed milk contains 4.16 micrograms of it, which is the prescribed daily intake. Yoghurt and cheese contain similar amounts. Vitamin B12 from dairy is more readily absorbed into the body. In addition to cobalamin, milk contains other vitamins including A, B1, B2, D, choline as well as calcium, potassium and magnesium.

9.Nutritional Yeast:

Nutritional yeast is not a natural source of vitamin B12 but fortification makes it an important source of cobalamin. This makes it useful for vegetarians and vegans. The requirement for fortification of foods is intended to mitigate deficiencies of B12 besides other vitamins and minerals. Two tablespoons of nutritional yeast contain 7.8 micrograms of cobalamin.

10.Fortified cereals:

In the case of vitamin B12, vegans and vegetarians with lactose intolerance may not get the recommended 2.7 mcg of the vitamin from their normal diet. However, they can get adequate vitamin B12 by including fortified cereals in their diet. One ounce of high fiber bran flakes provides 7.9 micrograms of B12 which is more than three times the dietary allowance.

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