10 Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy

10 Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy

Nerves run across the body and connect the whole body to the spinal cord and further to the brain. These nerves help in sensing basic feelings like hot and cold along with complex feelings. It is because of these nerves running across the body that we are able to use our senses judiciously.

These nerves form a sensitive network in our body known as the peripheral nervous system. The nervous system contains a total of about 43 pairs of nerves running through the entire human body. The damage of this system has catastrophic consequences like pain, weakness, lack of energy and numbness.

The symptoms can be the result of some injuries or can even be present due to hereditary conditions or lifestyle patterns which include faulty diet or excessive alcohol consumption. The presence of these symptoms in the peripheral nervous system makes the system be medically called peripheral neuropathy.

The prime common causes of peripheral neuropathy are:

Cause #1: Excessive Alcohol

Alcohol is a perfect party partner for a lot of people as people tend to drink alcohol at various occasions. This is due to the basic property of alcohol that it helps you wind down while enjoying yourself. Though alcohol adds to a party, there are certain fatal risks associated with it. Alcohol out of the limit leads to the development of certain fatal diseases, including peripheral neuropathy. Excessive alcohol consumption creates a dependence on alcohol and is responsible for damage to various organs.

Cause #2: Medication

Medication has had a wonderful impact on the human life as it helps in curing some incurable diseases and reduce pain and suffering of the patient. However, medication also has certain drawbacks, reaction being the greatest of them. Various sets of medication has side effects and one of the prime side effects is peripheral neuropathy.

Cause #3: Hereditary

Peripheral neuropathy is a disease that captures the genes and travels in the genetic composition, from parents to their offspring. This condition is likely to affect the nerves of the infant at some or the other stage in his/her life.

Cause #4: Vitamin Deficiencies

Balanced diet is the key to a healthy life as it provides the human body with all necessary nutrients and thus prevents deficiencies in the body. However, the lack of a balanced diet can have various complications in the body. Vitamin deficiency is a common symptom that people face and can become a vital cause of diseases like peripheral neuropathy.

Cause #5: Pressure on Nerves

Nerves run across the body, through tissues, bones and even tendons. The surrounding tissues of the nerve protect it from external agents, however at sometimes the tissues might apply pressure on the nerve, thus damaging it and making it vulnerable to diseases like peripheral neuropathy.

Cause #6: Autoimmune Diseases

The immune system prevents you from catching diseases by fighting of external agents, however there are times when the immune system backfires and starts attacking your own body, known as autoimmune diseases. These diseases could be a cause of peripheral neuropathy.

Cause #7: Infections

Immune system fights off all infections and helps in keeping the body safe from infections. However, there are times when the body catches an infection and finds it difficult to get rid of the infection. The patient should seek immediate medical help as this could be a cause of peripheral neuropathy.

Cause #8: Poisoning

Poisoning refers to the exposure of the human body to agents that are harmful for the body. It can be the air, the food or the water. It enables foreign unwanted particles into the body and facilitates the particulate matter to attack the body tissues. Peripheral neuropathy is a classic cause of poisoning, along with many more.

Cause #9: Tumours

Unwanted growths in the body are known as tumour and the development of tumours in the body could be a cause of peripheral neuropathy.

Cause #10: Diabetes

Excessive sugar in the blood leads to the formation of diabetes in the body. Accumulation of sugar leads to the development of peripheral neuropathy as it starts affecting the nerves and begins to damage them in due course of time along with deterioration of nerves.

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