Beauty Hacks That Will Change Every Women’s Life


Beauty hacks can be really awesome. But do all the beauty hacks work? Not really. We all are tempted by some easy DIY tricks and beauty hacks that claim to have magical effects, but sometimes it’s just a trap. They have to be tried and tested before believing. So, here I present you certain effective yet easy beauty hacks that are tried and tested by beauty experts and bloggers and swear by it. 

1. Dark circles
Who doesn’t want their eyes to look healthy and radiant? Eyes are the mirror of the body and health they say. True. But what if we are faced with dark circles and puffy eyes? Though maintaining a correct sleep cycle is the first step towards avoiding it, when we face it, we have to search for an effective solution to fight the dark circles. 
All you need
1. Ground coffee
2. Coconut oil
Mix both the ingredients and apply it under your eyes.
Keep it on for 20 minutes and rinse with water afterward.
Repeat this daily for at least a fortnight to see the results.
2. Sunburn
This can be a really unavoidable situation when in summers. Our skin is especially sensitive to the heat and harmful sun rays. We apply sunscreen, but sunburn is something that we can hardly avoid when stepping out. There is one remedy to get instant relief when hit by sunburn. Just soak yourself in tepid water with some baking soda in it and see how it works like magic. 
3. Whitening/ de-tanning your face
One of the most faced problems by any girl is the tanning of the skin. Though there are many creams and lotions available, no one can guarantee a perfect white face ever. All their talk claims come crashing down even after we use the products for several days with no result.
You can cook activated charcoal, water, and gelatin and prepare a face mask. It can easily wipe off the tan and give your face a radiating glow.
4. Perk up your breasts
It seems impossible without surgeries or transplants, but it is very much possible with just a simple ingredient that we use daily. And that is our humble vaseline. Just apply it on your breasts before you sleep, and repeat this for a couple of months. This will regain your breasts shape and perk them up like never before. 
5. Whiter teeth
Our smile is what makes an everlasting impression on anyone. You just need those white shining Pearl’s and be rest assured that people will never forget that smile. All you need to do is cut a strawberry into half. And dip each half into baking soda. Just rub this on your teeth for a while and later wash them properly. This will give an instant white glow to your Pearl’s.

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