Top 10 Cat Breeds You Must Know

Top 10 Cat Breeds You Must Know

Did you know cats were kept as pets in Egypt since time unknown? They were treated as gods and known to have mystical powers. Many works of art were dedicated to this feline creature. North Africa and the Middle East is home to African wild Cat Breeds which are the ancestors to today’s domesticated cats.

Cats control the vermin populations which are often found in the surroundings of human habitation. Humans began keeping cats around them to expel the vermin pests. Cats also started getting dependent on humans for food. This mutual need bought cat and human together to form a never-ending bond that passed the need for keeping vermin’s in control.

Cats have an aesthetic appeal that encouraged breeding. Breeders started breeding cats to get highlight their certain features. Somewhere even bred to be hunters. Vanity is not limited to humans. Dogs, horses, and cats, etc are known to be bred to just for looks.

#1-Ragdoll Cat

Ann Baker, a Persian Cat Breeds lover from California bred her Persian cat with a white long-haired Tomcat. The result was a litter of Rag Doll cats which led to the formation of the Baker Rag Doll community.

Ragdolls are very calm and composed cats. They get cozy fast in the arms of anyone who picks them up. They have a very domesticated nature and learn to use the litter and not scratch furniture very fast.

#2  Russian Blue Cat    

Think exotic-think Russian blue cat. They are also known as archangel cat, after the port on which they were found. British soldiers found them on the port and bought them home. They started growing in demand around the late 19th century. It was not until 1912 that they officially got their own category in shows.

Russian blue cat breed is a natural occurrence and was not bred by human interference. They are quite easy to maintain and are possessive towards their owners. However, their diet needs to be monitored as they can easily overheat.

#3 Siberian Cat

The most interesting fact about this cat breed is that all long-haired modern bred cats seem to share DNA with it. The Siberian cat was first seen at a cat show in 1871 England. They landed in America during 1990 and have high importing costs hence low on demand. They are still a favorite in Europe and Britain.

Siberian cats have a long coat of hair to help them combat cold. They have high agility and often relax on spaces high above the ground. It has a very independent streak and takes care of itself. It is very famous as a family cat due to its affectionate nature.

#4 Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are named after Siam now Thailand. There is a legend behind their popularity. It is said that whoever owns a Siamese cat will gain wealth. From Siam, the cats traveled to Britain and then to America. In 1901, the first Siamese cat club was formed.

Siamese cats have a certain dog-like personality. They are very intelligent and seek attention hence do not do well when are left alone. Siamese cats like the company and are seldom found alone.

#5 Persian cat

Persian cats are known to have originated in Iran. They were introduced to America in the 19th century. They gained celebrity status soon and were always found in the company of famous Hollywood actors.

Persian cats are very beautiful looking cats. They need grooming every day as they have a long coat of hair. While they stay from strangers these cats enjoy the company of people they know. Persian cats are not big on cuddles but enjoy affection.

#6  Sphynx cat

Sphynx cats are hairless cats. It all started when a hairless kitten was born. The owner started breeding it and other hairless cats came into existence.

The Sphynx cat has immense energy and loves to play. They love to climb and crave for attention. They adapt well with dogs and other cat breeds.

#7 Bengal Cat

This beautiful Bengal cat breed is due to an experiment. Leopard cats were being tested for their immunity towards feline leukemia. These leopards were crossbred with domestic cats to provide for the experiments. These breeds were handed down to an amateur breeder Jean who again crossbred with a feral cat from the Indian zoo.

Bengal cats have a wild streak in them and love to hunt small creatures and even fish. They have excellent agility and jump around to reach higher spots. While other cats do not love water so much these cats love to live by the water.

#8 Norwegian Forest Cat

Think Vikings and then think Norwegian forest cats as they have been around since then. World War II had a disastrous effect only on humans but also on the Norwegian forest cat and led to its extinction. In 1980 the breeds were introduced to America and there was no looking back.

 The North European cold climate made the Norwegian forest cats a hardy breed. They are extremely energetic and love to explore every inch of their surroundings. They look so tough from the outside but are a real mush inside. Norwegian cats are too chatty and often hold lengthy conversations with their friendly owners.

#9 Savannah Cat

As the name suggests, Savannah means wild. It is a breed crossed between a serval African wild cat and a domesticated Siamese cat. The year 1986 witnessed the birth of a Savannah cat and a breeding program was initiated after its success. In 1996, the cat association officially recognized the Savannah breed.

Savannah cats are high on jumping and playing around. They are explorers too. While cats prefer some alone times, the savannah will hardly leave you alone for a minute. They love to play fetch and enjoy a walk too.

#10 Maine Moon Cat

The ancestry of a Maine moon cat is very unclear. History places it in America during the early colonial times. It is not known much about how it was bred. Various theories were drawn. One even concluded that the Maine moon cat is a crossbreed of a raccoon and a domestic cat.

This friendly cat loves to play and is very devoted to its owners. They need regular grooming due to their long-haired coat. It is important for their health that they get daily exercise.


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