Best Hair Removal Tips Every Woman Should Know

Best Hair Removal Tips Every Woman Should Know

Hair removal is a vital part of our monthly or even weekly routine. Many women struggle with hair removal processes and usually fail to follow the instructions eventually messing it up. From removing facial hair to body hair, there is a specific set of instructions to be followed. There are a few simple tips and tricks you should keep in mind before you remove your body hair.

Here are some hair-removal tips every woman needs to know before you grab the razor:

1) Exfoliate :

Exfoliation is the process of removing the dead skin cells off your skin and cleansing up the pores. It is one of the most important steps you should follow before going in for hair removal. If not properly exfoliated, it will cause you pain, and hair removal will become a pretty tough task. Therefore, do not forget to exfoliate your skin!

2) Grab A New Razor :

You must go for a new razor if the previous one has been used more than three times. It is not recommended to use one razor more than 3 times as it may lead to bacterial infections and skin problems especially if you have sensitive skin.

3) Cover Your Razor :

You must cover your razor with a plastic lid (that comes with it)after usage to protect it from getting in contact with any kind of microorganisms. If not, it might lead to skin problems and skin infections.

4) Shaving Cream :

Make sure that the shaving cream you’re using is not expired. You must use the latest shaving cream in order to avoid any skin issues. A patch test before you go for complete hair removal is also important. Apply shaving cream on a part of your legs or hand and leave it overnight. If there is no reaction or side effects, you can continue with the cream. In case, you do not have shaving cream, you can go for a hair conditioner too!

5) Go Downwards First :

Always begin shaving downwards and then go upwards. Beginning with an upward shave can cause immense pain and uneven hair removal. In addition, do not go sideways on your skin. It is ways preferable to shave downwards rather than upwards or sidewards.

6) No Razor :

In case you’re uncomfortable with razors, you can absolutely go for any choice of hair removal that makes you comfortable. It is completely okay to go for solely shaving creams or laser hair removal treatments. You can go old school by using shaving creams and remove your hair smoothly without razors or pain.

7) Moisturize :

It is important to moisturize your skin after you go for hair removal. The moisturization helps your skin stay hydrated and cleanses your pores. It helps in maintaining the moisture and prevents it from the usual hair removal dryness. After hair removal, cold compress your skin or use honey/aloe vera to keep it moisturized.

8) Do NOT Shave Over Scars/ Wounds:

It is recommended to avoid shaving or removing hair over scars or wounds. It may cause immense pain and is proved to be harmful. Moreover, let the scars and wounds heal before you go for hair removal as it may lead to a new injury.

9) Do it daily :

One must remove their body hair often. It is okay to use hair removal products on a daily basis. You can also let the growth of your hair decide your next hair removal day. But it recommended that you practice it often for flawless skin.

I hope these tips were helpful to you and if they were, let us know in the comment section below!


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