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Skin Care During Isolation

skin care during isolation

The world has been going through a situation that is tough to handle. COVID 19 has been spreading like wildfire, and all we can do to curb staying in isolation. NOt meeting people and simply staying in the confines of the home can be more beneficial for also making Skin Care during isolation.

There is so much time on your hand now, you can adopt any new hobby or nurture earlier ones. There is plenty of time to take care of your health. fitness and beauty too. As they say, there is no lockdown for all those things.

Coming to skincare, it becomes equally important to have a good skincare regimen that you indulge in, daily. having said that, and having so much time in hand, you have all the opportunities to go out of the way and plan well for an even better skincare routine, than you had earlier. Here we present you few tips to take care of your Skin Care during isolation.

1.Start with good products

It is the first step, that you discard off the products that have crossed their expiration date. If you have run out of products, you can always use many DIY products that you can make in a jiffy and try for the best results.

2.Cleanse properly

The first step in any regimen is cleansing. cleanse with a good cleanser that helps clean out the dirt and grime from your face. The cleanser should also hydrate dull/dry skin. Choose the best cleanser according to your skin type. If you run out of cleanser, try using rose water,  gives the best results for mostly all types of skin.


Use appropriate toner for your skin type. The best ones can be determined only after you try them at least once and see how it works. You have to work around a good toner to have clearer and fairer skin.


Moisturizing your skin is the basic third step of your regimen. Invest in a good moisturizer to avoid it from getting dry and dehydrated. Moisturize not just your face, but also your skin on the neck.Since it is quarantine, and it is expected that you might run out of beauty products, you can try – 

1. For exfoliation – Mix 1 cup yogurt, 1 cup powdered oats, 1 spoon honey, and a  little milk. Apply this to your body. After 10 minutes of scrubbing gently, wash it off with cold water.

2. For dark Circles– Apply slices of cucumber or potato to combat dark and puffy circles.

3. For dry skin – Simply mix 2 parts of yogurt and 1 part honey and apply. This makes the skin soft. Wash it off after 15 minutes.

4. For fairer underarms – Apply a mixture of baking soda and water and repeat this regularly for best results.

5. Hydrated – Plenty of hydration is a must to keep your skin subtle and radiant at the same time.

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