Narcissistic Personality Disorder- Causes, Symptoms And Treatments.


A narcissistic personality disorder is one of the various types of personality disorders and a mental condition where a person has an extreme sense of self-importance.

This inflated sense of self-importance comes with the extreme desire for attention, admiration and lack of basic empathy towards others.

This extreme sense of self-admiration successfully masks low self-esteem and confidence that shatters with the slightest criticism.

People who suffer from narcissistic personality disorder tend to lack basic empathy for everyone which may cause several problems in their daily life. These types of people are vulnerable towards slightest negative criticism.

After a point of time, this exaggerated sense of seeking attention becomes so toxic that it interferes with your daily routine.

It becomes serious when this mental condition begins harming your everyday life and starts affecting your loved ones along with the smallest things.


Some of the common symptoms that are as a result of a narcissistic personality disorder are:

  1. Extreme sense of self-importance
  2. An exaggerated sense of achievements  and talents
  3. Preoccupied with fantasies of success, fame, power and money.
  4. Arrogant behaviour
  5. Monopolize conversations and making people feel inferior.
  6. High expectations of being extremely recognized as appreciated and admired.
  7. The excessive requirement of attention and admiration.
  8. Becoming impatient when treated like normal people
  9. Having insignificant inter-personal problems
  10. Difficulty in regulating emotions and behaviour
  11. Feel extremely moody or depressed.
  12. Secretly feeling insecurity, shame and vulnerability.

The cause of narcissistic personality disorder is still unknown. However, there are several possible reasons or causes that might lead to the development of this disorder.

Some of the common yet possible causes of narcissistic personality disorder are:

  • Environment:

This refers to the environment that the people with this disorder had. Usually, a narcissistic person has mismatched or abusive parent-child relationships.

Such mismatched parent-child relationship leads to an excessive desire for attention and admiration the child lacked in his/her childhood.

Abnormal connection between the brain, behaviour and contemplation.


Personality disorders are fine if mild as you can get over them by consulting a psychologist or a counsellor.

However, personality disorders become complicated and harmful when they begin interrupting normal behaviour or routine. Some of the possible complications that are a result of a narcissistic personality disorder are:

  • Difficulty in handling relationships
  • Drug and alcohol misuse.
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Physical health problems
  • Thinking or behavioural problems.

People suffering from narcissistic personality disorder are more likely to not take professional help as they consider themselves perfect. They may recognize their condition only when it becomes severely complicated.

Therefore, if you recognize someone with such symptoms do redirect them to mental health specialist, psychiatrist or a counsellor.

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