5 Ways To Stop Negative Thoughts

negative thoughts

Some of us really underestimate the power of our subconscious mind. Our minds and thoughts are so powerful that they might take complete control over your actions.

Negative thoughts are common and lead to higher stress levels along with severe anxiety. Negative thoughts also encourage extreme over thinking that might prove out to be quiet harmful for your mental health.

It is important to control your negative thoughts and refrain from turning them into our actions. Overthinking does more harm than good and so do negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts become a matter of concern when they begin interrupting your daily routine. These thoughts can really affect your mental health and pave your way to several mental illnesses.

Excessive negative thinking usually leads to low self-esteem, zero confidence, extreme insecurities, problematic-egoistic behavior, and mental illnesses.

These consequences make it necessary for us to learn the art of controlling negative thoughts from taking over our minds and actions.

Some of the ways you can avoid negative thoughts to take control are:

1) Know its okay to be negative sometimes:

You cannot be positive all your life and live a life filled with nothing but positivity. However, you can try staying positive in every situation. Life might bring you down at some point and you might feel negative for a period of time.

Understand that it is okay to feel so in some situations as it is normal for a human to feel negative. Understand that negativity and negative thoughts become a problem when they are extreme and begin causing harm.

Negative thoughts become a matter of concern when they interrupt your daily life and begin dictating your routine.

2) Breathe:

Whenever you feel negative about a particular thing or an action, don’t be in a hurry to react. Sit down, relax, and calm your mind.

Contemplate what is triggering you and ask yourself questions like; What makes me think so negatively? Is it a person or a situation? etc. Breathe and understand why your automatic negative thoughts are so quick to cross your mind?

3) Recognize:

There might be several reasons or traumas from the past that trigger your negativity. Recognize your traumas and situations that have the capacity to trigger your negative thinking.

Sit down, breath, and contemplate. Understand that it is you who can take control of this negativity by accepting the situations. Understand the reasons, people, situations, or past incidents that trigger your negative thinking.

Write down and practice self-journaling with the same.

4) Self journal:

This is one of the most popular methods of psychologists to calm and treat their patients. Practice self journaling.

Take a diary, write your thoughts down, write the reasons for your negative thinking, write what you want to improve about these thoughts, and write some positive thoughts about yourself.

5) Take small steps:

After you recognize the reasons and practice self journaling. Consider taking small steps in a life filled with positivity. Positivity will not come to you like magic; it comes with small thoughts and actions.

Avoid people or things that might trigger your negative thinking. Go for things and hobbies that make you smile by instilling some positivity in you!

In conclusion, it is okay to feel negative sometimes but don’t let those negative thoughts control your life and actions!

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