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How To Use Olive Oil To Get rid of Tanned Skin

Use Olive Oil To Get Tanned Skin

Olive oil is one such oil that has numerous benefits, Get rid of Tanned Skin and to say the least.  Right from exfoliation to moisturization, olive oil has infinite benefits that help the skin in many ways. Rich in vitamin E, olive oil can be used in so many ways than just one. If that’s not enough, it can be used as a carrier oil to mix any other essential oil that cannot be applied to the skin directly.

Olive oil has many benefits, such as
It acts as an exfoliator
Fights pigmentation and acne
Moisturizes the skin.
But, one of the most used ways that olive oil is famous for, is using it to get that perfect tanned skin. Yes! you read that right, olive oil is considered as a go-to option when it comes to getting that perfect tanned skin, that can make anybody jealous.
For this all you need is
Olive oil
How To Go Ahead
1. Lay a large towel on your tanning table or chair
2. Set the timer to 30 minutes
3. Now, lie on your back on the tanning table with your face facing the sun.
4.  Apply the oil to a small piece of cloth or towel and rub it all over your front body.
5. Once the 30 minutes are over, rub the olive oil on the back of your body
6. set a timer for another 30 minutes, and wipe off the oil from your face if you wish
‘7. Once the time is up, just wipe off the oil and wash off your whole body with soap and water.

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