How Food Toxins Are Keeping You Fat

Food Toxins Are Keeping You Fat

Can eating organic and natural food be the best-kept weight loss secret of all time? You are about to find out how How Food Toxins Are Keeping You Fat are marketed to you as healthy or low-calorie are actually keeping you fat, and preventing you from losing weight when you go on a diet.

Most people usually blame obesity on the usual culprits which are excessive overeating and lack of exercise. Yes, it’s true the people with inactive lifestyles regardless of what they eat have a higher chance of putting on weight and have a harder time losing it, but by eating natural organic food you can speed up that weight loss by eliminating food toxins from our body that are hard to break down and eliminate and get converted into fat cells.

Research has shown that the expanded use of pesticides and chemicals in our food is contributing to the recent obesity epidemic sweeping the nation. In the past, we did not have these additives in our food and everything we bought in the grocery store was natural and free of food toxins.

Here is a small list of some of the synthetic chemicals put in our food:

The more processed these foods are, the harder it is for our bodies to recognize these chemicals and eliminate them as waste. Because our bodies can’t use these synthetic chemicals for energy or eliminate them as waste, they wind up being deposited inside fat cells.

Not only does your body not know how to use them, but it takes up more energy trying to process them and takes energy away from your daily activities. One of the biggest misconceptions is that food marketed as low-calorie or diet food is, in reality, worse for you because of all of the chemical additive substitutes they put into them.

There is also evidence to suggest that these food toxins alter the makeup of your fat cells, thereby making it much harder to lose weight and burn fat when you actually want to. Maybe you know some people who spend an hour’s every day in the gym and never get any results. The reason is that they are not changing their eating habits and are continuing to ingest foods with chemical additives.

Simply by switching to an organic diet can be very beneficial to your weight loss efforts by eliminating synthetic additives from your foods.

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