What Are Natural Health Products?


In order to live a fully and complete natural life, you’ll need: environmentally friendly products that are safer for your home, a healthy diet plan to re-energize your body chemistry, and natural health products to maintain a healthy body free from any sickness and disease. It’s important to not become dependent on pharmaceutical drugs for health. It’s not a good lifestyle and just masks your symptoms without ever really discovering the underlying cause of your problems. You can use these natural health products to supplement your diet and maintain optimal peak health.

We utilize natural health supplements in our diets to make up for the lack of nutrition we are not getting in our modern day foods. Yes, you can try and eat as healthy as possible all of the time, but it is almost impossible to really get a full dose of the daily vitamins and minerals our bodies need daily to run at optimal levels; this is why we need to implement these natural supplements into our daily routine.

The natural health products Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Probiotics, Homeopathic Medicine, Superfoods and Protein Powders.

They are not drugs, but are used as alternatives to commercial pharmaceutical drugs. Some people feel uncomfortable putting drugs into their bodies which can have harmful side effects, and opt to go an alternative route of natural healing. People also use these natural healing products to maintain health or prevent sickness and disease.

Should You Take Them?

The choice is really up to you and your doctor. It’s best to get a recommendation from your doctor as to what it is your body is deficient in. A good naturopath can run tests to find out how your body is running and know exactly what types of vitamins, minerals or supplements you need to increase your intake of. You can take these natural health supplements to balance your body and obtain peak health at all times in addition to maintaining a healthy diet plan with natural and organic foods.

Vitamins & Minerals: It’s important that your body gets the vitamins and minerals it needs. Because your body cannot manufacture these vitamins and minerals–with the exception of vitamin D from sunlight–you need to get them from outside sources like food, or by taking a supplement in pill or liquid form. It’s important that you choose natural organic vitamins and minerals that are derived from isolated food elements. Most vitamins on the shelf in the stores are synthetic and are merely created in a lab by recreating the molecular structure of a vitamin or mineral found in your food.

Super Foods: Taking superfoods with your diet is a great way to increase your nutritional intake dramatically. What exactly is the definition of Superfoods? They exist in almost every type of food we eat. They are low in calories, but extremely high in nutrition and are densely packed with tons of anti-oxidants and essential nutrients that your body needs to function and fight off disease. Even though we change our diets to eat more healthy, the mineral depleted soils make our food less nutritious and supplementing with superfoods is an excellent way to make up for the lack of nutrition we are getting from our regular food.

Greens: Eating green superfood is an excellent way to deliver tons of vitamins and minerals. It also feeds your body healthy bacteria and is great for your digestive system. Try out foods like wheat grass, barley grass, Spirulina, Chlorella and wild blue-green algae to add to your diet.

Fruits & Nuts: Goji berries, raw cacao, Noni, Maca and Acai are all have very high levels of free radical fighting antioxidants. Build up super immunity and fight off free radical damage to your body by consuming these fruit and nut superfoods daily.

Seaweed: Seaweeds like nori, kelp, dulse and kombu are very dense in nutrients that come directly from the ocean. These seaweeds have a very high calcium content–more than milk and beef combined–and act as an alkaline neutralizer in our bloodstream by purifying and eliminating harmful toxic metals in our system that we ingest like radiation and heavy metals. These seaweeds are a good source of natural iodine for peak thyroid function.

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