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Do You Lose Weight After An Abortion?

do you lose weight after an abortion

Abortion leads to numerous changes in a woman’s body. The exact changes may not be similar, as everyone will cope up with these changes accordingly.

What exactly happens to a woman’s body after an abortion ranges from some mild emotional changes to extreme physical changes. A woman’s body will take a few days to adjust and in some cases, it may take a month.

An abortion recovery varies from woman to woman depending on their trimester. Women, who get an abortion instantly after they became pregnant and do not tend to have any complications, find abortion recovery easy.

They stop bleeding within a few days and the symptoms go away within 2-3 days. Whereas, women who tend to have complications with the fetus have a hard time recovering from abortions.

This happens due to unbound hormonal changes that will make them feel nauseated and bloated for a lot of time.

Some of the symptoms you may experience after an abortion include extreme bloating, weight changes, nausea, swelling, and bleeding for at least a week. These symptoms are common and are nothing to worry about.

Abortion can really take a toll on your body and lead to not only physical- lose weight or gain weight but also emotional changes.

The effect of abortion also depends on the type of abortion you choose. You can go for either an abortion pill or a surgical abortion as per your wish. However, if you do not have any complications and the pregnancy is new, you can go for an abortion pill.

Abortion pills can drag the symptoms and effects of the aftermath of an abortion to a few more days. It can be a little difficult to deal with such abortions and it is important to take the doctor’s advice before you go for one.

However, abortion pills will not make you lose or gain weight. Abortion pills will neither make you gain some pounds nor lose any extra.

Another way you can go for abortion is by going for a surgical abortion. Surgical abortions are also common and are most likely to be advised to women who might develop any kind of complications.

It is possible to gain some weight after you have a surgical abortion. However, this again depends on your body and your abortion recovery. It also depends on your hormones change after an abortion and other aftermath effects.

Abortion may or may not lead to any changes in your weight. In case you gain some weight, you can lose it within a month by making some changes in your daily life.

You are not allowed to exercise or do anything that might harm your body for 2-3 weeks. Losing weight after an abortion is easy and requires some continuous dedication.

You can practice yoga, meditation, and go for walks after a week of abortion to help your body adjust back to the normal routine. There are no firm studies that prove weight changes after an abortion pill or a surgical abortion.

There are some exceptions.

Women might usually feel empty or a flat stomach after an abortion that is considered to be normal. Still, there are no extreme changes in your weight.

So you don’t have to worry about your weight after an abortion. Just go ahead with your respective decision and live life as per your wish!

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