8 foods to improve your memory and concentration

You should know that a super strong memory power depend only the condition of your brain and its health. If you are reading this, then must be interested to increase your memory and concentration power in turn. Either you might be an student who is having hard time remembering the subject who you are studying, else if you are a professional doing things which will going  to help you throughout your career to stay sharp, else you might be a senior person in terms of age and wants to preserve your memory by keeping your grey matter in your brain as you age, then you must read on to know how simple foods will help you out to increase you memory and concentration by following this easy tips and foods.

8 Foods in your diet to improve your memory and concentration

You know what the omega – 3, consumption in your body decides how healthy your brain is, you must consider having foods high in omega 3 fatty acids one such food high in omega 3 is FISH. You know why people say if you eat fish you’ll get sharp, due to this fact only they say to eat fish.

Do you know Walnuts is a key to improving your concentration levels, which in turn increases the cognitive function of brain means it has ability to make you think and process things in your brain quite efficiently and faster. And it also has an anti-inflammatory property which helps your cells function as they were meant to do so.

Foods with rich quantities of Antioxidants help you and do the job of making you super sharp: P. Indeed the fruits including the like of berries are said to boost things out of your processing clock, not limited to all sort of Berries and tomatoes and vegetables including but not limited to cauliflower, broccoli are super for your brain.

Small amount of caffeine in diet will do the job, for improving concentration. I wonder why all programmers including me are addicted to caffeine, be believe caffeine turns imagination into code. Green Tea and Dark chocolates also contains high amount of polyphenols which is an anti-oxidant helps to decrease cell death rate.

Veggies consisting of cabbage family including broccoli are super beneficial because they increase the flow of oxygen rich food to your brain, due to which neurons stay healthy in turn you’re Brain rejoices.

You should consume ripe bananas which have dark spots on its skin, sunflower seeds which consists of high quantity of dopamine which help you to increase brain health.

Consumption of foods rich in Vitamins B6 and b12 helps you prevent couple of brain related diseases, including dementia & Alzheimer’s, foods rich in B12 are dairy products and meat, and B12 are eggs, grains and nuts.

Foods high in fiber whole grains, beans, seeds help in maintaining good amount of blood oxygen levels in turn keeping body and brain cells healthy increasing concentration and Memory power.

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