Useful Tips For Women During Pregnancy

Useful Tips for Women during Pregnancy

It’s difficult to know which Food diet for pregnents . You baby’s health is all important, as is your own. But there are a few that do stand out as unwise to eat when you are carrying a child. Here are few important tips for food to avoid during pregnancy to help ensure a bright and healthy baby and mother:

  1. Fish constitute a very healthy diet. But certain fish can accumulate mercury in dangerous levels. Mercury, in large quantities, can cause brain damage to unborn babies, which can delay their natural development. It is not necessary to avoid all fish and fish products, just the ones that may contain dangerous levels of mercury.
  2. It may seem obvious that raw meat is not advisable for eating, but many pregnant women still eat things like, sushi, seafood, very rare or barely cooked beef, and poorly cooked poultry. Eating food like this runs the risk of being contaminated with salmonella, coli form bacteria and toxoplasmosis.
  3. Soft cheeses are not advisable for eating by women during their pregnancy. These cheeses may contain bacteria that could be harmful. These include Brie, feta, queso fresco, queso blanco, blue cheese and Camembert.
  4. Raw eggs are definitely to be avoided. This of course includes all foods that contain raw eggs. This is because raw eggs may contain salmonella. These products include mayonnaise, Hollandaise sauce and Caesar dressing.
  5. While liver is good for you, go easy on its intake. Liver from all animals contain high levels of vitamin A. Vitamin A is not a problem in itself, but too much of it can lead to a higher incidence of birth defects. You don’t have to cut out liver or vitamin A, just don’t consume too much.
  6. It is not advisable to smoke, chew tobacco or drink strong alcohol like whiskey, rum or vodka.
  7. When you plan to have a healthy baby, it is important that both the man and woman are in good health and well-nourished. A nutritious diet, less stress, no alcohol, and cigarettes, less lead exhaust from vehicles, less caffeine from tea, coffee and cold drinks, no indiscriminate use of drugs, are all factors that will contribute to a strong and healthy baby. Check these factors 3 to 6 months before conception, specially approximately 15 days before the next cycle is due, because pregnancy starts at that time.
  8. Man’s diet, smoking and drinking habits, etc. can harm his sperm. A woman needs to check these factors through pregnancy.
  9. You need to avoid food with a high salt content and carbohydrates or sugar. Avoid pickles, cheese, sardines, ham, bacon, and salted nuts. You also need to avoid too much of potatoes, bread, rice, sweet tea, chocolates and puddings. What you need to eat is extra protein and you can also eat eggs, fish, chicken and meat.
  10. Iron, Protein and Calcium are very important natural source of iron, calcium and proteins are:

Protein: Pulses, Soya bean, Lentils, Sprouts, Eggs, Fish, Meat and Chicken.

Calcium: Milk, Curd, Buttermilk, Radish leaves, Cauliflower, Oranges, and Lemons.

Iron: Raisins, Mint, Coriander, Radish Leaves, Lotus stem, Dried Fish, Dried Figs and Dried apricots.

Your pregnancy is a special time. It’s a time when you should be happy and stress-free. Take the time to discover the food to avoid during pregnancy, and the food to safely eat, and you will enjoy your special time. Your baby deserves that at least.

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