5 Simple Tips To Feel Confident Without A Bra- Go Braless!

Without a bra

Ever wondered what is the exact need of wearing a bra? Are there any specific rules or benefits of wearing it? Is it bad without a bra?

I am sure all of these questions must have crossed your mind every moment after your mother out of nowhere said, A girls wear bras!

Abra is made and worn only to support your boobs. However, we cannot deny the fact that they make us feel confident about our bodies and also help us performing several actions.

Now, boobs come in different sizes and we must accept our body as it is! It is true that not everyone seems confident and amazing in bras!

Some women might feel extremely uncomfortable to adorn bras and simultaneously work while some might feel extremely confident. It is totally up to our choices, comfort, and thoughts.

Moreover, we should know there are no specific rules or enforcement towards wearing a bra! You can either choose to go braless or wear as per your comfort.

No one can force you to wear bras or go braless. It is your choice and you will solely make decisions about your body. But still, irrespective of all this, wearing a bra at night is not good for your body.

It will not only provide discomfort but also interfere with blood circulation and the flow of toxins.

If you are planning to go braless for the first time, then here are some tips you might need:

1) Begin at home:

All of us are comfortable in our houses and that is why you must try going braless at your house first.

Begin with being braless in your house for the weekends and then remove your bra as soon as you reach home from work. Try being comfortable with your body and be yourself. Live and feel your comfort!

2) Bralette:

Bralettes are the smaller version of bras. They are comfortable than regular bras yet provide complete support to your boobs.

So if you have begun being braless at home then start wearing a bralette at work. Wear until you feel comfortable going braless.

3) Pasties:

Pasties in simple words are nipple covers. Most of us wear bras to hide our nipples and prevent our bodies from looking extremely sensual. You can use pasties instead.

Pasties are solely introduced to cover your nipples and make you comfortable about going braless. Now, adorn the pasties and take that Instagram picture!

4) Posture:

It is important to maintain a straight posture when you go braless. Your boobs need support and your body needs to handle its weight.

Going braless will usually make your boobs grow and hence, it is important to maintain the right posture!

5) Love and Accept your body:

If going braless makes you feel confident and comfortable, then no opinion should matter to you. Accept your body along with the flaws and love it as it is!

Let it be small, huge, or even extremely flat, do what you wish to with your body! Learn to fall in love with yourself and your body first. This will not only raise your confidence but also make you feel incredible about your own self.

So ladies, accept your body and choose comfort!

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