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30 Days Body Transformation For Female

30 Days Body Transformation For Female (2)

30 Days Body Transformation For Female: Everyone wants to lose their weight and all want to be fit especially females and also you try many methods to do so. Like, you start gyming, exercising, eating healthy foods and even you hear your personal trainer. But this is not enough as no one is able to follow all these methods every day due to some reason like some don’t have access to a gym, some don’t have enough time, some wouldn’t know where to start. These are some of the problems which you must face while losing weight.

So, you can do one thing which is best to do and that is you should follow a 30 days fitness challenge or you can say that you can follow 30 days body transformation for females. You can also find the videos related to this on You-tube or you can download All studio fitness apps.

If you really want to lose your weight then you must follow the 30 days body transformation for females but it requires one thing i.e. time. Commitment is very important while you are following this.

The 30 days body transformation for females video or app contain some workouts which are very important to do. Each workout included is basically 20 minutes. While following this, you will notice that you are losing your weight and getting lean day by day.

If you really want to follow this transformation then you should practice a lot. It requires a lot of practice. You need to be focused while following the 30 days body transformation in order to be fit in 30 days. If you are the one who has just started this workout then you should go for the body weight exercises first.

While performing the 30 days body transformation you should challenge yourself on the upcoming day. You should try to increase the count of reps you perform in a week. After some days, you should try to use some high weights. In this way only, you will be able to be fit and achieve your goal.

Here are the workouts you can try in weeks to be fit while following 30 days body transformation:

  • Monday: Lower-Body Bodyweight Workout or Lower-Body Dumbbell Workout
  • Tuesday: Upper-Body Bodyweight Workout or Upper-Body Dumbbell Workout
  • Wednesday: Cross-Training
  • Thursday: Total-Body Bodyweight Workout or Total-Body Dumbbell Workout
  • Friday: Bodyweight Abs Workout or Dumbbell Abs Workout
  • Saturday: Cross-Training
  • Sunday: Rest

Now, as you are following this method to be fit in just 30 days then there are many other things also which you should keep in mind while doing this challenge:

  1. While you are doing reps, you should calculate them so that you will get to know how many reps you have done in a week. By doing this, you will keep in mind how many reps you have and how many you will do in next week.
  2. While doing the body weight exercises, you should be careful while picking up the weight. You should always pick the right weight according to your capacity. It should not be too heavy.
  3. As you know about cross It includes cardio or mobility workouts so these workouts should be performed carefully.
  4. You should always perform these workouts in the morning because they are very much effective only when you will perform them in the morning. You have to perform these exercises or workouts in the morning for just 30 days while you are following this challenge.

So, you should definitely practice 30 days body transformation for females to be fit.

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