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15 Mins Cardio Exercise Without Equipment

Cardio Exercise

If you want to lose your weight and burn your fat then you can try 15 mins cardio exercise. It is basically called as 15 mins HIIT cardio exercise. No use of equipment is required while doing this exercise which is a very good thing.

If you want to do this exercise then you can also watch a 15 mins HIIT cardio workout video from You-Tube. They will guide you about all the important information regarding this workout and much more.

There are many reasons which make you do this exercise. Like many people want to increase their heart rate and sweat so you can perform this HIIT cardio workout.

Also, If you are travelling somewhere and you want to do quick exercise without any type of equipment then you can easily perform this exercise. If you want to do the pregnancy workout then you can do the same i.e. 15 MINS LOW IMPACT HIIT CARDIO WORKOUT. Lastly, if you do not have any type of cardio equipment then it is the best to do.

In the above paragraph, HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. It is a very effective form of exercise. It is very good because it helps in reducing your weight and also helps you in burning your fats. It will provide you the benefits in a very short period of time.

There is no need to perform any exercise or workout for more than 15-20 minutes. Short workout is perfect to do. This HIIT is just for 15 minutes.

You can perform this HIIT cardio workout in 3 ways:

  1. You can perform this exercise for just 15 minutes if you are outside or you are travelling somewhere or if you do not have much time to do so.
  2. If you have much time to perform this exercise then you can perform HIIT cardio exercise for 15 minutes and along with this you can perform upper body workout for 10 minutes.
  3. Last way to perform this exercise is that along with the 15 mins HIIT cardio exercise, you can also perform ab workouts for 10-15 more minutes.

So, you can perform this workout in any of the ways and all these ways will automatically help you in losing your weight and burning your fat and calories.

This exercise will not only lose your weight and burn your calories but will also help you in improving the health of your heart because this exercise does not include any type of tool or equipment.

Now, this exercise may be performed by keeping in mind several instructions:

As mentioned above, if you want to perform this exercise you should watch a video available on You-Tube with the name 15 mins HIIT cardio workout. In that video, you will find out 10 body weight exercises which will provide you all the information and motivation for the same. While watching that video, you can take the screenshots of all the 10 body weight exercises and then perform all of them for just 10 seconds.

There are 10 types of HIIT cardio exercise that you can perform: Three Legged Down Dog Knee to Elbow, Mountain Climbers, Reverse Lunge + Cross Body Crunch, Lunge Jumps, Air Squat + Calf Raise, High Knees, Sumo Squat Heel Peddle, Sumo Drop Squat + 2 Punches, Plank Launcher Push Ups and Speed Skaters. You should perform each of these exercises in 2 sets to get the results quickly.

So, you should definitely perform this exercise as it has many benefits like: There is no need to use any kind of equipment while performing this exercise, It will help you in burning your calories, build your muscles definition.

So, just go through the video and perform this exercise.

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