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21 Easy Keto Snacks for On-The-Go and Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight loss needs planning and consistency apart from hard work. It is not always about exercise and burning that extra fat. Diet also plays an important role in weight loss. If you exercise but fail to be consistent in making changes in your daily diet then undoubtedly, your exercise is going in vain.

The introduction of ‘Keto Diet’ has proven to be beneficial to many. The diet involves the consumption of food items that are rich in protein and has a good fat content. It has fewer carbs or even zero carbohydrates in several cases. It is said that keto snacks aid in weight loss by breaking down the stored fat.

Here are 21 keto snacks that you can grab on the go and that will help you lose weight:

1) Sardines:

A can of sardines is just the perfect keto snack to go for. It is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and has fewer amounts of carbohydrates comparatively. It will provide your body almost 1300mg of essential fatty acids; that is 3x times more than the daily requirement.

2) Cheese snacks:

Cheese is considered as the best keto snack on the go. Let it be anything; cheese nibs, crackers, or even cheese bites. You can go always to choose cheese as the top keto snack due to its rich protein and fat content.

3) Dark Chocolate:

In case you chose your favorite regular chocolate bar instead of dark chocolate on your cheat days, here is how you can enjoy your cheat and still not mess up your diet. Next time go for dark chocolate rather than the regular one. Dark chocolate is rich in proteins and has fewer carbohydrates.

4) Keto Yoghurt:

Keto yogurt is better than your regular greek yogurt if you are on a keto diet. It is easy to make and requires less than 10 minutes to complete its recipe.

5) Avocado:

You can go for avocado rather than a single carrot or bananas or apples. It is rich in fat and fiber along with several vitamins. It also high amounts of potassium.

6) Cacao nibs:

Cacao nibs are nothing but small pieces of cocoa that is used in ice creams and desserts. They are amazing keto snacks to grab when on a keto diet.

7) Olives:

Olives are not like other dry or fresh fruits. They are just the perfect food item to begin your keto diet with. It is rich in sodium and has fewer amounts of carbohydrates.

8) Cold cuts:

Cold cuts smoked bacon, mortadella, and chorizo. These are the best keto snacks on the go. They are called so, due to the higher amounts of proteins and fats present in them.

9) Hazelnuts:

Just like dark chocolates, hazelnuts are rich in protein and fiber. You can include these in your keto diet without a doubt.

10) Peanut butter and Cream Cheese:

Peanut butter and cream cheese may sound new to you but it is one of the tastiest keto snacks you can go for. You have to just mix them and it tastes like dessert. This snack is rich in fiber and fat along with protein.

11) Keto bars:

Keto bars are easy on the go and have high amounts of ketogenic fats and proteins. It will make you feel energized and rejuvenated.


12) Keto chocolate:

It is a popular keto snack as it has no amount of sugar yet is rich in fat and proteins.

13) Hard-boiled eggs:

Hard-boiled eggs are easy to make and one of the best keto snacks you can grab on the go. It is rich in quality protein along with higher amounts of fat.

14) Crispy bacon:

Crispy bacon is nothing but the fried bacon with the desired amount of spices. It has higher amounts of fiber, fat, and proteins.

15) Beef jerky:

Beef jerky is widely available in various stores and is popular for its high protein content. It has no sugar and is considered as one of the best ketos snacks that will help your body with ketosis.

16) Coconut milk:

Coconut milk rules the charts of easy keto snack. It has no sugar and fewer amounts of carbohydrates. Therefore, there is no option of missing this one out. You can use coconut milk instead of regular milk when on a keto diet.

17) Kalamata olives and Cucumber:

You can have kalamata olives mixed with cucumber for your lunch when on a keto diet. It has higher amounts of sodium and fat along with fiber.

18) Pumpkin seeds:

Pumpkin seeds are rich in sodium and healthy fats. It has fewer amounts of carbohydrates and sugar. You can either roast pumpkin seeds and consume it or use it in any of your recipes.

19) Cucumber and Guacamole:

Just combine the cucumber slices with guacamole and there you have one of the best keto snack ready. It is a perfect keto snack and fills you for longer time.

20) Tuna salad:

To make the tuna salad, mix the tuna with some mayo and wrap it with lettuce leaves. It has exceptional amounts of fat and proteins. It is easy to make and has fewer carbs.

21) Roasted chickpeas:

Pulses are said to be rich in quality protein. Therefore, you can include them in your diet but in limited amounts. Roasted chickpeas are rich in fat, fiber and proteins.

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