17 Examples of Dark Brown Hair With Highlights

Dark Brown Hair

One thing that is breaking barriers and speaking moods is hair colors. Thanks to technology and science we can now bleach, dye and color hairs in an instant. In older times, hair coloring was seen as a privilege enjoyed by the upper class or elite but today this trend very popular amongst young or old, rich or poor. What hair color do you think is predominantly present in the world? Not blonde for sure. Well, it seems that dark brown hair is the most common hair color. So, today you get to read about 17 Examples of Dark Brown Hair With Highlights. 

#1- If you had dark brown hair and love to go blonde then here’s your chance. Balayage seems to be the hair trend of the century and thanks to its versatility you can transcend from dark brunette to a blonde color with a hue of golden for shine sake. 

#2- Who doesn’t love a beach look?  Doesn’t matter if you go to college or are professional- beachy waves will win hearts. Next time you want texture in color try out the ash blonde highlights for your dark brown hair. Ash blonder highlights also make hair really shiny.

#3-Do you like chestnuts? If you do, then you will love the remix of chestnut shade with dark brown. Your deep dark brown hair will actually get a breather of life when a tone of honey chestnut shade is added. Some people even perceive it as golden highlights but it’s actually two shades lighter hence is more of honey-like. 

#4-Do not get tensed if golden or blonde shades are not your type. You can opt for caramel. Yes, caramel highlights blend perfectly well with dark brown hair and give a very soft look. This blend of caramel and dark brown also looks great on olive-toned skin. 

#5-If you are looking to give out cool hair vibes then subtle ombre is what you need. For dark-haired brunettes, cool-toned ombre highlights give a very edgy look. 

#6- We all love golden but a few love it too much of it and some too little. For the ones who love just hints of golden can get the lazy golden highlights that peep out from the curtains of dark brunette hair.

#7- Who says you can use only one color to color your hair? Without breaking the non-existent rule, you can bleach some golden colored hair strands which actually give a tossed glam look. It’s like textured hair with depth.

#8- Ever heard of Ice gold!!! Well, brunettes! here your chance to look like a million bucks. You don’t have to disturb the natural dark brown hair at the roots. In this technique, your hair ends will be given an icy gold color which will make you stand out.

#9-Imagine your brunette hair with barrel curls. They will seem regular and boring. Now imagine the same barrel curls on the brunette hair but this time with gold melded color. Yes, the results are dreamy.

#10-Think autumn and brunette together. Ok, you didn’t get it so let’s break it down. A deep red color like auburn is autumn-like. So mix the rich auburn color on those brunette hairs and see the magic. 

#11- dark brown and light brown have one thing in common which is brown. Is it too much brown? Well, when you bleach down dark brown hair to a lighter tone the results are ravishing and refreshing. 

#12- Blonde ribbons of golden highlights in the mix of dark brown hair is definitely a sight to behold. Well, if you want to add the California vibe to your hair then these yellow stands of happy gold are for you. 

#13-If you have mid-length brunette hair then there are great options at your disposal to color and flaunt them. You can try toning down your dark brown hair color by using neutral highlights. They appear like silver ash strands of highlights. 

#14- Many people don’t like to add color to all their hair. This here is a perfect tip for you. Only color the front and the end portion of the dark brown hair. This means that the remaining sections of your hair like the midsection and back remain untouched by color.

#15-dark brunette hair can be made very interesting by using gradual tones of gold. You can highlight streaks of hair using various golden hues but in descending tones. This adds more dimension and gives the appearance of fuller hair.

#16-A very light caramel shade can also turn dark brown hair glamorous. This type of texturing gives the dark brown hair a lighter and breezy feel

#17- the last tip is about patience. If you already have highlights on dark brown hair, allow the hair to grow. Just keep retouching the highlights whenever the hair gown to mid-length. This gives a very natural and balanced look.

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