When Is Halloween And Things To Know About Halloween

When Is Halloween And Things To Know About Halloween

Halloween is celebrated on 31st October every year. It is traditionally known as “All Hallows Eve”. On this day, people usually light bonfires and wear costumes like a ghost. On this day festive gatherings take place. Halloween is generally the festival of Samhain. It is believed that on this day ghosts of the dead people returned to earth.

Halloween leads to the end of summer season and the beginning of winter season.

The evening before the Halloween day is called Hallows eve. This festival is mainly celebrated in the US, UK, Tokyo and Canada. Christians eat vegetarian foods on this day like: potato pancakes, apples etc.

But it generally happens that you think about this unique festival. Halloween festivals are very different as compared to other festivals. So, it is very common that many questions arise in your mind related to this festival, costumes, monsters and treating etc.

So, here are the things that you should know about Halloween:

  1. We know that Halloween celebration is known as Samhain. It is believed that ghosts returned to earth on this day. So, people wear costumes like ghosts but they weren’t wearing them only for fun. They believed that the spirits that come to earth may be a few evil spirits as well, that’s why they wear scary costumes to keep evil spirits away from themselves.
  2. Halloween is a very big business. Huge amount was spent on this festival like on costumes, pet costumes and candies. Approximately 8 billion dollars were spent every year. It is the biggest festival of the year, the same as
  3. Candies were sold in huge amounts on this day. Treats mostly include candies and candies only.
  4. The most common costume that everyone wears on this day is the costume of a witch. Other costumes are like cats, zombies and superheroes. But the witch costume is very famous which is worn by most of the people.
  5. We know that on Hallows eve Festival simple lanterns were carved out of turnips and were made like frightful faces that are worn by the people to let evil spirits scare them.
  6. The most common colours used on Halloween are orange and black. These are the well-known Hallows eve colours. Black means death and orange means fall harvest.
  7. On this day, people also wear animal skin and their heads like their skulls on their head and their skin as their body.
  8. In this entire month, no one is allowed to adopt black cats in their shelter.
  9. In Mexico, it is called The Day of The Dead.
  10. Generally, most of the adults and grown ups celebrate Halloween. We can say two out of three adults celebrate Halloween.

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