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Remedies for Tighter – Hands Skin


Skin seems to lose its elasticity as you age and the collagen becomes weak. This leads to loosed skin on your hands and face. It is common and can be reversed with some natural home remedies. The loose skin of your hands may seem unattractive but it is one of the common signs of aging and weight loss.

It is very to tighten the skin of your hands. All you need some home remedies, tips, and consistent care

Here are some ways and tips that will help you tighten the skin of your hands:

1) Moisturize:

One of the most steps to tighten the skin of your hands and smoothen the same is by using a suitable moisturizer. Apply the moisturizer on your hands and leave it overnight. You can use the petroleum jelly as it works effectively in giving your skin a smoother finish.

2) Coconut oil:

Coconut oil serves as one of the easiest natural home remedies to tighten the skin of your hands. You can massage your hands with coconut oil for 20 minutes twice a day. This will prevent your skin from loosening up and tighten your skin with consistent use.

3) Olive oil:

Similar to coconut oil, olive oil serves as an amazing natural ingredient that will tighten the skin of your hands. It will also prevent the development of any kind of wrinkles and loosening. Massage your hands with olive oil for 15 minutes every day and see the results.

4) Almond oil:

Almond oil has some incredible skin tightening and curing properties. It helps in giving your skin a shinier look and makes them look attractive. You can massage your hands with almond oil for 15-20 minutes before going to bed and leave it overnight. Be consistent and you will see the results.

5) Supplements:

Apart from the oils and massage, you can also go for collagen and gelatine supplements. These supplements will help in tightening the skin throughout your body including your hands. It does so by providing an adequate amount of collagen, proteins, and gelatine.

6) Firming creams:

Firming creams are specifically designed to improve the appearance of your skin. Firming creams tighten the skin of your hands and make them look younger. So shop for a suitable firming cream and massage your hands with one for 5 minutes. You will see amazing results.

Apart from these, you can tighten the skin of your hands by laser treatments, radiofrequency treatments, ultrasound skin tightening, neuromodulators, adding some muscle mass and losing weight effectively.

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