Plastic Ban in India from October 2nd

Plastic Ban

Plastic Ban in India from October 2nd

The respected PM of India has decided to ban the plastic in total India. Because Plastic is very harmful to human and animals also . So many animals are eating plastic instead of grass.  The human beings also using plastic very much which cant digest in human health. Plastic is polluting the air also. The plastic will release some toxic materials . with the help of this toxic will improve the cancer molecules. 

 Some survey said, the world wide people are using plastic 160,000 each second. Plastic will take 700 year to degrade. It cant dissolve in the water or air or in the soil. The toxic materials releasing from the plastic is very harmful to health and it will effect on fertility, interrupt our endocrine glands and defects on the birth and so many health issues will raise. The Chemical bound of toxic material products will easily evaporated in the fresh air. And producing plastic smell which is very harmful to our lungs also. so avoid to sniff it.

Animals, and birds will take grass and small insects. when they are going for food Mammals  eating plastic instead of grass, birds eating harmful germs and bacteria instead of grains small insects. The mammals and birds are dying in the river banks and ocean bank because of plastic. Plastic reaching everywhere in the world fastly but not the greenery. The landfills with so many garbage’s only. Garbage’s  are filling with plastic only.

If we are going to recycle the plastic does not solving the problem permanently because if we killing  the toxic materials from one stage and producing it to another stage. Finally plastic material manufacturing again. It cant dissolve in soil also.   

So many people think that using plastic and put in the recycle bin and they think that we are saving the nature, but they don’t know that they are producing the another one. If we go to the river of Ganga it is fully occupied with the plastic only. it cause very big problem to clean that river. Fishes in the river also dying with plastic. So many survey said that plastic recycle is not a solution for pollution Plastic Banning is the permanent solution.

1st  Implementation  of Plastic Bann in Mumbai:

Our prime minister Narendramodi declared that plastic banning from October 2nd the birth day of Gandhi jayanti. Everyone must stop the single use plastic like Plastic cups, Plastic Saucers , Plastic bowls, Plastic Knifes, Plastic spoons, plastic cutlery and polythene covers etc. With the announcement of PM,  Mumbai Airport also declared that 100% free of single use of plastic. Mumbai Airport Bann the thermocol cups, disposable dish bowls and plastic straws. Instead of this plastic single use items they are replacing the steel items like steel straw and they said that anybody will throw the plastic in their street or ward it may finable with 5000rs.  Chatrapati shivaji terminal stopped marketing the plastic and using the single use of plastic.

Impact of the environment of the plastic:

Present plastic pollution is the biggest problem. If we recycle the plastic will take hundreds of years to break down the plastic toxic materials and it is dangerous for life time. The chemical bonding of the plastic break the resistant to so many natural methods of degradation and give a huge pollution in the environment. Halogenations is a chemical based reaction that depends on the structure of the organic substance. The combinations of the reaction also known as chlorinated action. Chlorinated plastic will release very dangerous chemical around us.

 Effects Plastic on land:

Halogenations is chemical reaction depends on the structural features of organic substance. chlorinated plastic will release the very dangerous chemical into the soil. The substance of the ground water also changed. When the drinking water will react this chemical is dangerous to the humans and animals and birds and plants also. With the help of plastic each and everything will be polluted. The amount of plastic in the world is more than the concentrated water. Chlorinated plastic is never degrade in the soil so be care full for that. One survey said that every year more than 5 trillion plastic pieces are floating on the  bank of the sea. 

Banning the plastic in India:

The latest news held by Indian government the present PM  sri. Narendra modi declared officially that Plastic banning in the India. Single use of plastic products like polythene bags, Plastic cups, plastic glass, and so many plastic item he banned. His implementation will give good and healthy environment to the earth. The government banned the plastic packing on the biscuits soda packs and  ketchup–shampoo sachets etc. The officially said that to Bann the plastic products immediately or otherwise government try to curb single use plastic usage.

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