This drama/series was started in the year 1994 is it was about six adults living in Manhattan Newyork , as they indulge in adventures which make their lives both troublesome and happening.
This drama is more on the funny side where they show us how difficult adulthood is they show us how hard it is to earn money they show us the importance of friendship and love

They show us that once we hit our twenties you dont have the luxury relying on our parents as much as you used to,the show also teaches us to learn self defense because it is a skill worth learning

The show teaches about how you dont have to overstress about the future and how you dont need to have a plan sometimes you can go with the flow

The friends are the family you choose for yourself so we should always make wise decisions about who we should be friends with the six of them is adults so they normalize you’re never too old for anything either be on fun or education

I think everyone must watch this show for atleast once cus they show us how life changes and if you work hard and stay persistent, you’ll eventually end up making a career which makes you happy.