Desert Survival Team-Building Exercise

Desert Survival Team-Building Exercise

The Desert survival team-building exercise is one of the most classic team-building exercises. It was introduced and designed to build efficient teams that can survive in extreme conditions through teamwork.

The desert survival team-building exercises are differently designed based on various situations.

From surviving a plane crash to surviving in a lonely jungle, you can do all of it with the help of this exercise. This is majorly taught and practiced for plane crashes.

Plane crashes have been frequent in the past few years and there were several planes that even went missing. In such situations, it is important to survive with your team in an efficient way.

The desert survival team-building exercise is a fun way to bring your group together as they work as a team, and learn to work as a team efficiently. The exercise requires the expert to divide the groups into teams.

Each group can come up with a name for better understanding and bonding. You will have such tasks as to rank the importance of the items retrieved from the plane crashes etc.

Your team has to come up with a plan for either escaping the desert or finding help. When the time is up, invite a member of each group to come forward share their team’s decisions, along with rationalizations for their actions.

However, as these activities represent teamwork and trust, there are supposed to be no losers.

Desert survival team-building exercise guides can either be obtained from the experts or you can personally learn through experts. The survival exercise begins with several things placed in front of you.

Each of your teammates will be called and everyone has to rank each item they think is necessary for survival. The items have to be placed in accordance with the person’s perspective.

Now, the experts will examine and let you know if you placed them right or not. There is a theory behind the importance of each item in survival guides. One must learn these theories and then practice them efficiently.

These items have to be ranked in order with their importance to their own survival. These items will be retrieved from the plane.

The ranking will be evaluated with the rationale of the expert and one must grant themselves the appropriate score with the same. However, with respect to scores, the group score must be more than the individual one.

This will show their teamwork and the experts will advise them on further benefits of teamwork in the workshop/exercise.

The point is to be noted that not every group can be a team. It should be maintained that the hallmark of a team is both individual and mutual accountability or otherwise a common commitment.

Teams should share a common purpose and a common commitment, unlike a random workgroup, where the focus is more on individual results than the team.

In conclusion, desert team-building exercise is the best way to bond with your teammates and learn to work efficiently as a team.

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