5 Healthy Foods You Shouldn’t Avoid

5 Healthy Foods You Shouldn’t Avoid

Are you eating these five healthy foods now that boost your immunity and cut your cancer and heart disease risk in half? The reality is most of these are just junk foods disguised as healthy food. Here’s a list of five truly healthy foods which you are probably not eating enough of.

Choose fruits and vegetables over unhealthy fatty foods. Forget the health food chips, gluten free cereal, and the microwave dinners. The healthiest foods have no labels to read, no package to open. The real health food section in any grocery store is the produce section. There is nothing you can do better for your body then eating raw fresh produce.

These are excellent foods to incorporate if you are looking to get on a healthy eating plan. And grow your own food whenever possible.

  1. Red Beets: Red beets are one of the most common types of beets. Great for pregnant women, these red beets are stuffed with vitamin A, B, C, E & K and full of potassium, calcium, selenium and zinc. Maintain lower blood pressure and a healthy liver too by eating red beets.
  2. Broccoli: Broccoli has a lot of potassium which helps regulate and support a healthy nervous system. The vitamin K and calcium support strong healthy bones and glucoraphanin can help in repairing damage to your skin caused by sun exposure. This glucoraphanin gets processed in your body and turns into sulforaphane, a powerful anti-cancer compound.
  3. Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas): You’re probably familiar with black beans, pinto beans and kidney beans, but garbanzo beans are really healthy when compared to the rest. These beans have high fiber and protein content as well as being low in cholesterol. Garbanzo beans or “Chickpeas” have a low GI (28) and is great for stabilizing blood sugar levels for diabetics.
  4. Sweet Potatoes: These delicious potatoes are rarely consumed by the average American. It’s jam packed with fiber, potassium and manganese. Inside sweet potatoes you’ll find vitamins A, B6 and C. They have hardly any sodium or fats and is great for people who have poor vision because of the 769% daily intake serving of vitamin A!
  5. Lemons: Try adding more lemon to your tea or water. If you can stomach eating it raw, that’s even better. If you consume a raw food diet, you can substitute salad dressing with fresh lemon juice instead. It has been suggested that lemons may also obstruct cancer cells from spreading. Lemon is a natural energizer; it hydrates and oxygenates the body so it feels revitalized and refreshed.

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