11 Ways to Style Your Short Hair Within 10 Minutes or Less

Short Hair

Short hair is in trend this summer and pretty much It looks a good idea to chop your hair off this summer. So if you are wondering to chop off that hair and go for a different look, the quarantine is the best time to so.

As the summer approaches, the short and medium-length hairs begin to go up on the trending list. The best part about having short hair is that you do not need to invest a lot of time in styling them and perfecting their appearance. It saves both; time and money.

However, if you are searching for some easy and classy ways to style your hair in a few minutes, then continue reading.

Here is how you can style your short hair within 10 minutes:

1) Short curls:

Just tie the top section of your hair in a clip such that they stay firm in the same position until you are done. Now start curling your hair towards the end. Curl the rest of your hair in such a way that your hair gives out a wavy appearance.

Now, unclip the top section of your hair and leave them as it is. This will give you an easy, classy, and graceful look for any occasion.

2) Saltwater for wavy hair:

Saltwater helps in curling your hair effectively. Although it does not curl your hair thoroughly; but spraying it as you are blow-drying your hair will give out a wavy appearance.

This is one of the easiest and best ways to style your short hairs within minutes.

3) The pompadour:

Creating a pompadour on your hair is the fastest way to style your hair. Just gather a part of the top section of your hair and push the same forward. Secure it with 2-3 bobby pins and lo! You are ready.

4) Wrap your hair different around the iron:

Wrapping your alternatively or in a different way around the iron will also give you a diverse look. Just experiment by wrapping alternate sections of your hair differently and observe the difference.

5) One braid:

Braiding the front section of your hair is the most popular way of styling short hair. Just leave a two-inch of your front hair and tie the rest of your hair in a clip. Now braid your front hair sideways and tuck it in behind your ears.

You can pin it behind too with 1-2 bobby pins and you are good to go!

6) Let the blow dryer style you:

If you want to experiment with something new, consider not brushing your hair extensively while blow-drying. Just brush it initially and let the blow dryer style your hair.

7) Curl the front:

This is one of the simplest ways to style your hair. Just separate the front section (about two inches) of your hair from the sideways a tie the rest of your hair firmly. Curl the front section of your hair and then unclip the rest.

There you go! Looking all graceful and classy within a few minutes.

8) French braid with a top knot:

This is the best way to style your hair if you are looking for something different. Firstly, take the top section of your hair and braid are similar to the French braid starting from the very beginning.

Continue braiding until you reach the crown of your head. Now, tie a knot to the braid with the help of an elastic band so that it stays firm. And lo! You are going to go.

9) Half top bun:

This is the smaller version of the messier bun. However, it does not include tying all your hair. Just take the front section of your section like you would to make create a pompadour.

Now twist this bunch of hair and create a small bun. You can make it firm by adding 1-2 bobby bins and leave the rest of the hair as it is.

10) Triple twisted buns:

The triple twisted buns are easy and amazing hairstyle for special occasions. This is a perfect hairstyle for shoulder length or little longer hair. For this hairstyle, divide your hair into 3 sections.

Tie up each section similar to three ponytails. Now, twist each section in such a way that they form into a bun.

Repeat this for all the three sections in such a way that you have three small buns as a result. Now make them firm by securing with bobby pins and you are good to go!

11) The half braid:

This is one of the simplest and amazing hairstyles for short hairs. Begin with parting your hair from the middle. Separate two front sections from both sides and tie-up the rest of the hair.

Now begin braiding the front sections backward in such a way that the two braided front sections meet each other at a position; little lower than your crown.

Now, tie both the sections with an elastic band an untie rest of the hair. This will add elegance and grace to your appearance!

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