10 Healthy Snack Ideas For Pregnant Women


Looking for some healthy snacks to make for your pregnant wife? Thinking about curbing your cravings for spicy food so that you and your baby both stay out of the league of poor eating habits? Here we are with a lip-smacking solution to your problems related to eating in pregnancy. 

Pregnancy means a nutrient diet not only for you but also for the child growing inside your womb. A pregnant woman needs 300 extra healthy calories as compared to other women who are not pregnant. Healthy diet is the most important criteria, when it comes to taking care of a pregnant woman. A diet which is not enriched with some essential nutrients might affect the developing baby.

However, most of the people while looking after a pregnant woman tend to forget that the pregnancy doesn’t mean the craving of having tasty meals stop. During pregnancy mother tends to have certain craving for food items, which might be related to a poor eating habit or lead to a excess weight gain. This excess weight gain may lead to gestational diabetes and difficulty during parturition.

You must be thinking that what must be done to curb this craving without in taking much harmful calories? How to curb the cravings by eating something healthy and light?

Many questions might be arising in your mind if you are taking care of a pregnant woman or you are going to be a mother soon. One of the most common questions which go unnoticed is the question of food intake. Here we are to answer the questions which you must have been pondering about. We have brought to you the 10 most healthy snacks which will not only curb the cravings of eating spicy and tasty be indulging in some healthy savories. 

1. One Tablespoon of Creamy Peanut Butter

You might have heard a lot about the benefits of including peanut butter in your diet. You must have been following a diet which includes peanut butter when you went to gym and had a conscious mind of losing that extra inch of fat. Well you can use this magical peanut butter in your diet during pregnancy as well. 

Peanut butter will just give you the 200 extra healthy calories which you require for your well being and will also satisfy your taste buds.

2. One part-skim cheese stick 

Cheese stick gives you just 80 healthy calories and it also gives you 8 grams of proteins. Well it’s not just the calories; it also comes loaded with a lot of calcium without the high saturated fat content.

3. One cup of frozen grapes

A high package of Vitamin C and B-1, they also are helpful in fighting diseases. They have a very low fat and calories content. Loaded with doses of potassium and manganese they just make the perfect healthy snack. It just has 110 calories.

4. One cup of mangoes

Who doesn’t love mangoes? What more, it just has 100 calories.  It is really good for pregnant woman, being a rich source of Vitamin A, B6 and C.

5. ½ Banana

You must have heard how beneficial it is for pregnant woman to eat bananas. They are a good source of potassium. Pregnant woman often face the problem of constipation, banana is a good option to keep constipation away.

6. A single serving of plain yoghurt

Yoghurt has become an immensely popular food item these days. A pregnant woman must consume a single serving of yoghurt which has only 100 calories. It is a rich source of calcium. It keeps  constipation away in pregnant woman.

7. Hummus 

A healthy snack for pregnant woman, it just has 90 calories. It reduces the chances of birth defects. It is also very good for digestion in pregnant woman

8. ¼ cup of mixed nuts, low salt or salt free

It is considered to be a healthy food snack for pregnant woman. It is loaded with 200 extra healthy calories just apt for a pregnant woman. Nuts are a great source of protein along with having a high source of antioxidants.

9. Hard boiled eggs

It is good source of proteins. It just has 72 calories and is considered a really good and healthy snack for pregnant woman.

10. Chocolate and fruit

A combination, which is considered to be the most tasty and healthy snack for pregnant woman.

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