Why Women Put Cabbage Leaves On Their Breasts?


Leaves On Their Breasts | Every mother and every new mother look forward to breastfeeding their newborn baby. Some of them may be successful in breastfeeding their baby but many of us unable to breastfeed at all or do not get to do so for the number of days that we had initially planned for.

It is one milestone she plans for even before the baby is born. There are many due to which women failed to give up on breastfeeding even when she had planned it properly. Many reasons such as swelling of the breasts, poor latching techniques, breast engorgement are responsible for this.

Use of painkiller medications and antibiotics is a strict no-no during breastfeeding unless prescribed by your doctor in extreme cases. Painkillers are very dangerous for health. You may use breast softening creams and gels and you’ll end up wiping them off even before they start working, to feed your baby. It happens very frequently. The natural process to solve is a problem is the use of cabbage leaves. It is very easily available in your kitchen.

Many women across the globe use this natural and effective method to help reduce the swelling in their breasts and other problems of breasts also. Many studies confirm that cold cabbage leaves have a very positive effect in alleviating swelling of breasts, breasts engorgement, and pain also.

According to the study that was conducted on mothers in the age group of 13 to 50 years, the use of cabbage leaves on breasts not only helped them in reducing the pain and hardness, it also increased the duration of breastfeeding due to fast pain relief within 20 minutes.

The way to use these cabbage leaves is very easy. At first, put the cabbage in the fridge and let them get cool. Then, remove the outer layer of the cabbage and discard it. You will find fresh green leaves inside it. Tear off two large leaves and wash them with cold water to clear off any dirt present inside it.

Cut off the hard stem at the bottom of the leaves and wrap the leaves in such a way that they perfectly fit your breasts. Avoid covering your nipples with the leaves. If the leaves are too crispy, you could also try crushing them with a rolling pin to loosen them. Keep the leaves in place for around 20 minutes and lie down. You can also use a light cotton bra to hold the leaves in place.

However, do not exceed 20 minutes because this may create problems also. You can discard the leaves soon after, as they wilt. You can use this treatment for 2 or 3 times during the day but with new cabbage leaves.

You will find this method highly effective and it is very helpful in relieving your pain. You can stop this method when you find your condition better than before. You’ll need to remember that you don’t have to keep relying only on this method to better your condition.

If you continue to experience this problem of breast engorgement, swelling, pain, or a lump in your breast for a longer duration, despite this treatment, it is very important to consult your doctor immediately.


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