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Why Does Popping Blackheads Hurt?

Popping Blackheads Hurt?

Popping Blackheads Hurt: Blackheads can be very irritating and might frustrate you to no bounds. Blackheads are however common and there are several ways to get rid of blackheads.

Blackheads require a professional and proper removal so that there are no scars or blemishes left.

Blackheads are similar to pimples and are also considered to be a form of acne. Blackheads appear to be similar to acne to some extent and if left untreated they can get developed into pimples.

The blackheads are usually nothing but open comedones that are rough and have dilated openings to the skin.

The black color of the blackheads results from the oxidation of debris within the follicle.

The blackheads are nothing but follicles with dilated openings.

Blackheads are likely to occur and develop on oily skin. The oily skin secretes a lot of sebum through sebaceous glands. The extra sebum gets trapped in pores of your skin along with the bacteria and develops into blackheads.

The blackheads are also considered to be filled with bacteria or dead cells that are termed as debris.
The oxidation of the same gives out the black color of these blackheads.

The common question that arises amongst teens and adults is if they can pop blackheads? Does popping blackheads hurt? Continue reading if you want a little more insights on these.

According to the experts and dermatologists, popping your blackheads might be a bad idea.  Refrain from popping blackheads; especially, if you are new to the process of squeezing or popping blackheads.

It definitely hurts and can cause inflammation. If you are inexperienced, you might carelessly try popping blackheads will prove out to be painful.

You might feel the intense urge to pop up blackheads yet according to dermatologists you must resist popping them.

It will only spread the debris and bacteria to the other parts of your skin leading to increased development of blackheads.

This might even lead to the development of acne along with pimples.

In conclusion, refrain from popping blackheads as they can be both, harmful and painful.

However, you can prevent developing further blackheads by:

It is okay to leave the few of those blackheads and prevent their further development.

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