Which Category is Mostly Affected by CoronaVirus?


Coronavirus has created havoc in our lives. With the death rates tolling high, various questions arise in our minds. One such question is who is most likely to be affected by coronavirus?

Coronavirus does not affect people equally. It has a more rapid effect on a certain section of people and a comparatively slower effect on another section of people. But then we still need to ponder about the section of people who are more prone to corona.

You all must have heard the phrase, ‘prevention is better than cure’. Are you following it? The fact is that in corona we can only stick to prevention and not cure. But here again, knowing which section needs to take more prevention starts pondering our mind.

Thus, the importance of knowing the risks of coronavirus based on demographic factors is quite important.

Without taking more time, let us quickly move ahead with various sections of people who are affected by coronavirus.

To give you a short introduction, let me put out a straight statement.
‘Elderly people with some sort of illness are very prone to coronavirus.’

Having said that, let us have detailed information regarding the risk factors of various age groups.

1. Old and young

If we compare the older generation with younger ones, surveys show that older people are more prone to the risk factors of the corona.

Even if both the younger generation and the older ones follow the same lifestyle, more number of cases was seen involving the older people.

This proves that here instead of a lifestyle, biological factors are determining whether you are at risk or not.

The reason behind this could be, older people being more prone to respiratory disorders as compared to the younger ones.

Younger ones seem to be more protective of respiratory diseases.
According to a report, death tolls increased in older patients due to patients developing respiratory syndromes. Thus, people ranging from 22 to 60 are at higher risk of corona than those below 18.

2. Male and female

The age effect has been major. But if we look at the gender effect of the corona, the stats are not that clear.

However, data suggests that men could be more prone to COVID-19 than females.

The age effect was dependent on biological factors. But here we see a reversal in the scenario, according to studies; men are more prone to come in contact with carriers of the disease than female leading to more men being affected by the virus.

Yet, we are not clear with the data. Thus more experiments would yield us exact information regarding the gender effects of coronavirus.

3. Sick or healthy

A sick person has a weaker immune system as compared to the healthy ones. The body of sick people is already weak of the illness thus it fails to fight with the coronavirus and eventually the person gets affected.

Thus, we can say that sick people are more prone to coronavirus as compared to healthy ones. Even the studies have proved that more patients were suffering from an underlying illness.

Let us look at the various diseases and their effects on corona.

• Cancer:
It raises the risk factors by 3.5 folds

It raises the risk factors by 2.5 folds

• Diabetes and hypertension:
They raise the risk factors by 60%

According to the reports, death rates were higher in people suffering from underlying diseases.

4. Pregnancy

A report stated that a pregnant coronavirus patient gave birth to a corona positive baby. This report sparked rumors about coronavirus being transmitted to the baby through the placenta.

However, it was just a rumor because the transmission was due to the proximity of the child to his mother.

Yet, studies made on a small number of pregnant women reported that pregnant women don’t have severe risk factors to corona


The above risk levels based on demographic factors show how corona can affect different age groups. Make sure you use proper precautions and prevention for keeping yourself protected.

According to the above sections, elderly and ill people should be protected from adverse effects of corona as they are at high-risk levels.

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