When You Apply This On Your Hair They Will Grow Nonstop


One of the most fascinating aspects for anybody is long and lustrous hair. The long strands can make or break your look. People who want long and lustrous hair are often seen working hard towards it, but they hardly achieve it every time. though there are many over the counter medicines. But all thanks to its side effects, we often avoid using those. But what if we tell you? That the secret for long hair is hidden in your own kitchen?

Our very own Aloe Vera has its own benefits, and when coupled with the goodness of almond oil, it works wonders for skin and hair. Here is what you need to do
2 tablespoons Aloe Vera gel
2 tablespoons almond  oil
  1. Mix olive oil and Aloe Vera gel in a bowl and make a smooth paste
  2. Take a cotton ball, and apply the mixture on the scalp evenly
  3. Now, progress towards your hair strands and apply it, after massaging the scalp for 20 minutes.
  4. Wash of with cold water and later on with mild shampoo.
  5. Apply a mild conditioner, that suits your scalp type.
Benefits of Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera works as a natural remedy for treating dry scalp and dandruff. It has proteolytic enzymes that are known for repairing dead skin cells on the scalp. Aloe Vera works as a complete package in treating all hair related problems. It has nourishing properties that help not only in hair growth but also help in moisturizing the scalp.
Almond Oil

Almond oil not only helps fight hair loss but also keeps the hair softer and nourished. Almond oil treats a lot of scalp conditions like scalp eczema, flaky scalp, and scalp psoriasis, etc. It even fights dry scalp and prevents the onset of dandruff. Thus, making it a staple in many hair conditioners, shampoos, and serums.

How To Use It?
Use this remedy at least thrice in a week for the best results.

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