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What Are The Different Types Of Complexion We Have?

different types of complexion

All of us struggle in recognizing our complexion. It is okay, there are several factors that dictate the kind of complexion you have. These complexions come in all types and tones.

Here is a piece of information that includes basics and the required details you must know about skin types and different types of complexion.

Your overall skin complexion is based on your skin type and tones. The most accepted theory of skin complexion is the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Test.

This classification is also based on darkness and melanin levels present on your skin. It is the Melanin that is secreted by melanocytes present in our body decides our skin complexion.

Melanin also protects our skin and the amount of melanin is directly proportional to the health of the skin. If we go by this, the darker skin complexions are healthier than the lighter ones.

Skin Complexion:

Based on your skin’s reaction to sun exposure, this test classifies types of complexion into 6 basic categories:

1) Very Fair:

This skin complexion goes by its name. It is a very fair skin type that burns but does not tan.

2) Fair:

This type of skin has its complexion less than very fair. It burns when exposed to sunlight but also tans a little.

3) Medium:

This type of skin is a mixture of both dark and fair. People with this complexion will readily cause sunburn but also tan your skin.

4) Brown:

This skin type does not burn often when exposed to sunlight but also tans readily.

5) Black:

This skin type has almost zero possibility of sunburn but it tans immediately as it has higher levels of melanin.

Skin Undertones:

Apart from this, there is a different undertone under your skin. These undertones also help in deciding your complexion. These undertones are of different types and are not at all based on the fact that if they are dark or light.

These undertones are of three types, they are categorized as:
1) Warm:

You can recognize if you have a warm undertone if the veins on your wrists are bluish-purple. These undertones make your skin look flawless in gold jewellery. So if you can match these aspects, then you have a warm undertone.

2) Cool:

People with a cool undertone have the veins on their wrist as bluish-green. People with this undertone flaunt the silver jewellery incredibly and look gorgeous like never before.

3) Neutral:

This is a mixture of the warm and cool undertones. This undertone is when you cannot differentiate if your veins are purple or green. People with neutral undertone tend to rock both gold and silver jewellery

These were the types of undertones your skin can be divided too!

Skin Types:

Skin types are based on water content, oil content and sensitivity of your skin. The skin types are categorized regardless of skin tone and undertones. Most of the people can easily identify their skin type on their own.

The common skin types are:
1) Normal Skin Type:

Normal skin type refers to the type of skin that is neither too sensitive nor too dry nor there is the presence of a lot of imperfections.

2) Combination skin:

Combination skin type just like its name is a mixed skin type. This type of skin is oily in some areas whereas sensitive and dry in other.

3) Oily skin:

The oily skin type is the type of skin where your sebaceous gland produces a lot of sebum. This makes your skin oily with the course of time.

4) Dry skin:

The dry skin type is reddish and has less elasticity along with visible lines. There is almost zero percentage of oil and is dry.

5) Sensitive skin:

The sensitive skin is that gets irritated and is more prone to itches or burns.

So now that you have basic information on skin types, go ahead and examine your skin type!

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