What are the Causes of Vitamin-D Deficiency?

Causes of Vitamin-D Deficiency

Our body needs enough intake of all the nutrients to accelerate through the days. Vitamin-D is essential part of it, and the deficiency of which can cause trouble to our system. Deficiency of Vitamin D is one of the easiest ones to develop which gives rise to numerous problems.

Of all the vitamins, vitamin-D is responsible for the functioning of multiple systems of our body. When the levels of it decrease, the system undergoes a lot of upshots. Various vitamin-rich foods and Sun are the ultimate sources of vitamin D and the people who don’t get a sufficient dose of it are likely to attain a vitamin-deficient body.

People who possess a natural inability to absorb or processing vitamin D are at greater risk to be in a highly deficient state and undergo the symptoms.

If you feel that you are likely to experience one of the mentioned below symptoms, then you need to look upon your diet and absorb enough vitamin -D through sun exposure. Before introducing any change in your lifestyle, consult with your doctor to take the right step.

Symptom 1: Regular Illness

Vitamin D prevents illness-causing pathogens from the body. It is also responsible for maintaining the immune system by directly impacting the ‘T-cells’ that acts as a “attackers”. These attackers fight with the “invaders” which cause diseases.

If the immune system lacks the ability to work properly, then the body easily is a victim to the diseases and weakness caused. The diseases such as bronchitis and pneumonia develop due to the low levels of Vitamin -D.

Symptom 2: Fatigue and lethargy

The most common cause of chronic fatigue is the deficiency of Vitamin -D. Although many people look for other reasons and try treating their weakness with different other options neglecting the reason for vitamin -D.

The condition of the body and lifestyle may aggravate with the reduced levels of the Vitamin-D in the body.

Symptom 3: Bone-Pain

Most often, people give priority to Calcium treating it as healthy bone material. Instead, focus on the levels and intake of vitamin -D should be given importance.

Lack of vitamin -D may cause ailments such as osteoporosis, arthritis, weak legs, ribs or joints. If the body doesn’t contain enough Vitamin -D, then it is difficult for the same to intake calcium to make bones healthier.

Symptom 4: Depression

Many a time, doctors prescribe antidepressants for depression ignoring the fact that a slight increase in the vitamin -D levels may reduce the depressive state of the patient. This state is mostly seen in older adults.

Symptom 5: Slow Wound Healing

The people who undergo serious injuries and surgeries may experience a problematic state if the body doesn’t process enough vitamin -D. The ability of the body to heal the wounds may slow down and the patient may suffer from pain and weakness.

Symptom 6: Bone weight Reduction

With the pain in bones and joints being the primary causes, deficiency of vitamin also reduces the weight of the bones. Many of the patients take calcium supplements to cure the decreasing bone density. What they do not realize is the fact that due to low levels of Vitamin -D, the body prevents itself from utilizing the already consumed calcium which increases the risk of fractures.

Symptom 7: Hair Loss

Where most people think that due to an unhealthy lifestyle or high-stress levels are the cause of their reduced and falling hair.  But according to the researches on reduced hair among women state deficiency of vitamin D as the main risk factor. Many people also suffer from alopecia areata- a condition of bones or rickets.

Symptom 8: Muscle Pain

Though there are numerous causes to be looked upon for muscle pain in both adults and children, vitamin -D deficiency has been the emerging factor for ‘growing pains’ in the body.

Symptom 9: Weight Gain

Many people have a low metabolism rate without vitamin -D and are unable to maintain their normal body weight. This results in increasing body weight or obesity.

Symptom 10: Serious Complications

The deficiency of vitamin -D occurs in both men and women irrespective of their lifestyle. If the low level of vitamin-D is left untreated for a long period of time may exaggerate the conditions. Rickets, colds, the flu, asthma, tuberculosis, diabetes, cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure, and cancer are the main diseases that a person with this deficiency is likely to attain.

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