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Well today I am going to share some of the most interesting facts which can help us in our daily life and make us feel better. It’s all about FOOD a topic for food lovers. These interesting facts about foods which we see and use in our daily life but still did not thought that this could be so interesting.

  1. Eating Bananas can help you fight depression: Bananas help you fight depression and make you feel better at certain times.

2. The Most popular carrots used to be purple earlier.

3. Eating Chocolates before studying or taking rest, increases your chances of understanding any piece of information.

4. Chocolates was once used as a currency centuries ago.

5. All parts of egg are edible including the shells, they are high on calcium.

6. Honey enters the blood stream in less than 20 minutes. This occurs because it has already been digested by the bee.

7. Ketchup was used as a medicine in the 1800’s to treat Diarrhea among other things.

8. Potatoes absorb Wi-Fi singlas and are used to test or improve internet signals on aeroplanes.

9. Tea bag was created accidentally, as tea bags were orignially send as samples.

10. And last but not the least as you might have heard Tomato is a Fruit.

Amazing Science Facts !

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