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Weight Loss: Which Varieties Of Cheese Are Good For Health? Nutritionist Explains


If you want to lose your weight then you should also eat cheese for that. Cheese is very good for health. It contains a lot of nutrients, vitamins, zinc and phosphorus. But cheese has many varieties, so you should choose the best one which will meet your requirements and will provide you maximum benefits.

Here are some of the varieties of cheese that should definitely read before buying the cheese to lose your weight and these are purely explained by the nutritionist.


Feta cheese is made up of sheep or goat’s milk which is very healthy. It has low calories which is a very good thing. It has a very tangy and sharp taste. It will definitely help you in reducing your fat and will make your slim and lean. It has very high sodium content. It contains 80 calories, 6 grams of protein. It is very good for your health according to the nutritionist. Feta cheese if full of protein and calcium which is very good for everyone’s health. You should consume this cheese according to your requirements as it contains a high amount of sodium.


It is a very famous and soft cheese. Everyone knows about it. It is made from buffalo’s milk. It is also made from Italian cows as it originated from Italy. It has very low calories and also sodium level is also very low as compared to other types of cheese. You should definitely eat this cheese as it will help you in losing your weight.


It is also a very healthy cheese. It is made up of the watery parts of the cow, sheep and goat’s milk. It also contains amino acids which is very good for your body. Ricotta cheese will reduce your cholesterol level. If you add ricotta cheese in your diet then you will notice that you are losing weight. If you have a problem with high blood pressure then you will definitely eat this cheese as it will lower your blood pressure. It also helps in the growth of your muscles.


It is purely made from cow’s milk. It is very rich in protein. It also contains sodium in a very high amount as compared to other types of cheese. If you want to lose weight then you should definitely eat cottage cheese as it is very good for your health and it will help you in losing weight. Ricotta cheese is the light version of cottage cheese.

So, these are the four types of cheese which are very good for your health. You can eat any of them if you want to lose weight.

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