Watermelon Smoothie Recipe

Watermelon Smoothie

Here are some mouthwatering Watermelon Smoothie Recipe which is helpful for your daily diet and improves the skin color.

  1. Watermelon With Strawberry Smoothie:


Watermelon pieces  —  2 cup

Strawberry   —  1 cup

Almond milk  —  1 cup

Honey  —  2 tablespoon

Procedure of the Smoothie:

Take 2 cups of seedless watermelon pieces and take strawberry pieces in a blender and then add almond milk and honey. Blend it properly to make a fine smoothie.  Strawberry and watermelon taste were excellent when we mix it together. Strawberry has an antioxidant, vitamin C, iron copper, and so many healthy nutrients.

  1. Watermelon with a Banana Smoothie:


Watermelon pieces  —  1 cup

Banana   —  2

Vanilla Greek Yogurt      —  2 cup

 Sugar or Honey —  2 tablespoon

The procedure of the smoothie:

Take a blender and add the seedless watermelon pieces add banana, add vanilla Greek yogurt and finally Honey. Then blend it well serve in the glass. Banana help to decrease blood pressure and it will protect from the cancer cells. Bananas are a rich source of fiber, vitamin C and different kinds of antioxidants. The taste of banana is sweet.

  1. Watermelon with Pineapple Smoothie:


Watermelon Pieces  —  2 cups

Pineapple pieces  — 1 cup

Almond milk  —  1 cup

Fresh Coconut water    —  1/2 cup


Take a blender first and add all the ingredients together and blend it well till it becomes a fine smoothie.  Pineapple is rich source of vitamins and magnesium.  Coconut water give coolness to your body. This is an amazing smoothie.

  1. Watermelon with Blueberry Smoothie:


Seedless Watermelon pieces  —  1 cup

Blueberry pieces  —  1/2 cup

Vanilla Greek Yogurt   —  1/2 cup


Take seedless watermelon pieces add Blueberry pieces and Vanilla Greek Yogurt blend  it well till it becomes a fine smoothie. Blueberries is amazing flavor and it contains vitamin c and vitamin k and Magnesium.     

  1. Peach with Watermelon Smoothie:


Seedless Watermelon Pieces  —  1 cup

Frozen Peaches  —  1 cup

Almond Milk  —  1 cup


Blend seedless watermelon pieces add  Frozen peaches and  finally almond milk blend together make a fine smoothie. Peaches having nutrients and antioxidants that clash cancer, obesity, and other diseases. Peaches are also help for nourishes the skin, stronger bones and activate the nervous system.

  1. Watermelon with Orange Smoothie:


Watermelon pieces  —  1 cup

Oranges   —  2 big size

Banana  —  1


Take a blender and put seedless watermelon pieces add big size peeled orange pieces and banana. Orange is rich source of fiber and vitamin c . This smoothie contains lot of health benefits as well delicious taste.

  1. Watermelon with a Lime Smoothie:


Seedless Watermelon pieces  —  1 cup

Fresh Lime juice —  1  tablespoon

Frozen Strawberries  —  1/2 cup

Sugar or Honey  2 tablespoons


Blend all the ingredients like seedless watermelon pieces and strawberries and lime juice and honey blend it well to make a fine smoothie. Lime is a citrus fruit and it has a lot of antioxidants, rich in vitamin C, it  helps to improve your immunity system and glowness to your skin.

  1. Watermelon Green Smoothie:

Ingredients :

Watermelon Pieces  —  1 cup

Banana   —  1 /2 cup

Young Spinach  —  1 cup

Strawberries   —  1/2 cup


 Put all the ingredients one by one in the blender and blend it finally add spinach and blend till it gets smooth.  This is an amazing mal nutrient smoothie. Spinach has a lot of vitamin C and vitamin A  which helps to improve eyesight nourishes the hair and skin. Spinach is rich in iron content and it reduces anemia.

  1. Watermelon with Cucumber:


Watermelon pieces  —  1 cup

Cucumber  —  1/2 cup

Spinach  —  1 cup

Orange juice  —  1/2 cup

Coconut water  —  1/2 cup


Take a blender and add seedless watermelon pieces and sliced cucumber spinach blend and add orange juice and coconut water blend it again till it becomes a smoothie. and then remove from the blender pour in the glass. This smoothie helps for weight loss and gives instant energy and dehydrates the body.

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